Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Cary Grant is Mandatory for the Manosphere

My mother, who I do indeed love, gave me a tonnage of advice.

And in all honesty 90% of it was completely worthless BS that only served to cripple me later in life.

However, there was one "arena" or "genre" of advice she gave me that DID indeed prove to be useful and that was watching Cary Grant movies.

Cary Grant if you are unfamiliar with was arguably the premier actor from the golden years of Hollywood.  He played everything from his early years of romantic comedy fill-in to war hero in "Destination Tokyo."  But if there was anything you could glean from Cary Grant at the age of 14 it was his vocabulary and charm.

Charm and vocabulary are things that are hard to teach.  They are endeavors that truthfully an individual must pursue and perfect.  But if you start enough at an early age, or dedicate yourself at an older age, you can naturally embed these traits into your being, infuse them into yourself, and in the end come out a much more advantaged man than your peers.  And this advantage is huge over your other alpha male contemporaries.

Understand that with all the TRUTHFUL and LEGITIMATE observations about confidence, dominance, leadership, etc. of the alpha male, not all of those traits are conveyed via physical posturing.  Women do not solely interact with you on a physical basis, matter of fact the majority of their INITIAL interaction with you will be verbal.  And therefore if you wish to improve your chances, having this "natural Cary Grantish charm" to bolster your "verbal game" will prove necessary.

How do you achieve this Cary Grantish charm?

Very simple.

1.  Watch Cary Grant movies.

2.  Plagiarize his lines.

3.  Increase your vocabulary.

#1  Watch Cary Grant Movies

I cannot claim to be Cary Grant, but I've watched enough of them, and have become familiar enough with the man's acting that I can fake him really good.  The man never loses confidence, is always in command, and if he isn't, he is in the state of "confused indifference."  Of course Hollywood playrights made him look that way, but merely studying his characters in many movies will at MINIMUM give you a template to work from.  He never gets angry, he never gets riled, he's very much like John Wayne.  Immovable, though affable and every woman will at minimum like him.

#2  Plagiarize His Lines

The benefit of this is that most modern day women are so uncultured and pursue such mindless endeavors, they don't even know who Cary Grant is.  As they lap up the latest gossip of the Kardashians or what latest celebrity harlot had a bastard child to prove her independent womanhood, you clandestinely take in and write down all the smooth oneliners Cary Grant spoke.  Even though those one liners were written 60 years ago, the wisdom of our Hollywood playrights in terms of knowledge of the sexes shines through and still applies to today.  If you watch those movies from the 50's and 60's you'll see, as clear as day, what charm is and how it plays on female sexual psychology.  They knew the formula back then.  They know it now.  Why bother trying to recreate it?  Just repeat it.

Remember.  Modern day women are too busy watching the likes of EPL, Sex in the City, etc., to even know who Cary Grant is.  So it's like plagiarizing with no risk of being caught.

# 3 Increase Your Vocabulary

If there is one thing I learned from watching Cary Grant flicks it was the cunningness and cleverness of the PRECISE words he chose.

Of course Cary Grant did not CHOOSE those words, the playwrights did.

But the point is still taken.

Understand the power of vocabulary.

Most people when they think "vocabulary" they think "some nerd who knows too many words."

But the truth is that 100% of your verbal communication with the opposite sex HAS TO COME THROUGH WORDS.

And if you have a better command of the vocabulary, why wouldn't that provide a great opportunity to improve your game?

This is the largest point of my post.

For if you have a better command of the language then you can convey, practically magically, much more than your competitors, your super-awesomeness.  Instead of merely conveying information you can become the soothsayer, embedding traits like intelligence, wit, and cleverness in those words.

For example you, say get your ass shotdown by a girl who claims "she has a boyfriend."

The NON-Cary Grant familiar man will scuffle off into obscurity or at best say, "cool."

You, familiar with Cary Grant lingo will say,

"Well, if anybody goes on the critical list let me know." (Charade, 1963)

Or if a girl feigns umbrage at your approach you say,

"Dreadful etiquette, I apologize" (which isn't a Cary Grant line, but a Christian Slater line)

The list can go on and on, but the larger point is not one of merely a "tit for tat" memorization of Cary Grant lines from 1940's movies, but to have a command and (more importantly) a familiarity and COMMON USAGE of many $5 English words that when sparing verbally with a woman you can pull the


words you need to deliver to such effect it not only mutes her, but turns her on. NOT because no other guy used those words but...

because those words convey meaning that no other man in her life was able to convey.

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