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Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit VII: Mat Lalonde (rocks)

Link:  Mat Lalonde
Title:  An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on Paleo?

Ratings:     ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼     just go watch/listen!!
OK folks ... I've got me a new sci-crush!  This guy is saying what I've been saying for a long time now -- if you're gonna make claims about something, you better have the stuff to back it up.  Mat, there is no problem with your delivery man, don't change.  Your detractors are obviously those "doth protesting too much" who know they've just been called out without being named.
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Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit VI: Nora Gegaudas

Link:  Nora Gedgaudas
Title:  Safe Starches: To Eat or Not to Eat?


☼ ☼   Entertainment Value
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☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Informational Accuracy
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Nora Gedgaudas takes on Paul Jaminet's rationale for including safe starches in the diet.  Her arguments boil down to the oft repeated meme that we humans have no dietary need for glucose because we can make all we need.  She goes into Paul's arguments for starches from his breast-milk composition, body composition and food reward perspectives.  The remainder of the substantative part of the interview is spent trying to find other reasons why many folks start to decline on long term VLC diets.  Enter theme I'm seeing parroted by TWICHOOBs in comments about the ever increasing list of low carb bloggers jumping ship:  we're all just addicts.  With a chuckle (joined by Sean) Nora wonders if methadone is to heroine as "safe starches" are to sugar.  You see, we're all addicts now.  After that, the remainder of the (way too long) interview is spent hemming and hawing and patronizing to make sure to list areas of agreement with Paul Jaminet and a little fawning from Sean over Nora's knowledge and intellect.   If you're pressed for time and inclined to listen at all, you won't miss much after the 40 minute mark.
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The Curious Case of the Disappearing NYSE

In what I would consider one of my top 5 economic pieces of this blog I tie the majority of the stock market's movement NOT to profits, earnings or dividends (as it should be) but rather to the volume of retirement dollars flooding the stock market. The ramifications, of course, is "what will happen to stock prices when the baby boomers retire and withdraw their trillions of dollars?"

Economics would tell us "go down" but what's funny is markets are not rational all the time. Matter of fact they can remain quit bubbly for extended periods of time. ESPECIALLY when the market participants (AHEM AHEM, COUGH COUGH - AMERICANS) are addicted to "high asset prices" because it fools them into thinking they don't have to work for a living. Asset prices just magically go up without the necessary production and profits to rationalize the price increases. And this can go on "forever" or at least until the delusional (and lazy, I might add) Americans retire.

We see this today where the dividend yield is still at a historic low going back to 1890 and the PE ratio is still above it's historic average of 15x's. The profits are simply not there to rationalize the lofty prices. However, there is something more amiss going on beyond the simple "retirement dollars flooding market" and it may not be obvious to the naked eye.


With the DJIA breaking 13,000 and the economy showing signs of a tepid recovery, you would think the market would be doubly flooded with money. The monies flowing in from automotonic 401k retirement drones AND the new monies flowing in from people with new-found hope that the economy is indeed turning around and America has a future once again.

There's just one problem - the volume isn't there to support it.

If you look at the volume of the NYSE, it's cratering. It's lower than it has been in over a decade

This doesn't jive with the prices we see in the market. In basic economic theory, the more trading volume there is in a market, the higher prices should be in that is shows a demand for those stocks. Additionally, with increased volume comes increased "liquidity" which in itself provides a premium that should translate into higher prices. We are now getting the opposite.

So what is happening?

Well, your humble Captain has a theory.

The reason volume is tanking is because, despite what heavily-spun news you might hear about GDP, consumer confidence, the reality is that the economy still sucks. Unemployment, though down, is still 2 full percentage points above the WORST it ever was under George Bush. If you want to consider the "underemployment" argument, that many people have left the labor force, you could argue unemployment is closer to 11%. Additionally, even with today's revision of 3% RGDP growth, it's nothing compared to the booming quarters we had after most recessions (even the hated, incompetent,evil puppy-kicker GW managed a quarter above 6%). Also delivering a dose of realistic doom to the economy is the massive amounts of debt we have. And finally, unemployment is particularly high amongst the youth, who are not only necessary to bail out older generations via their public pensions, but whose retirement dollars are also necessary to keep the 401k Bubble/Ponzi scheme going as well. But just like the housing market, you need jobs in order to afford a house. And so, I'm sure if you looked at it, a huge reason for the lower volume is the lack of "new blood" entering the retirement/401k market, plus the fact people just don't plain have the disposable income to afford IRA contributions.

While this explains the collapse in volume, it doesn't explain why prices are still so high. And here is the nefarious side of the theory:

Something nefarious is going on.

When you see Apple with a market cap of 1/2 trillion dollars, you start to wonder why Apple is so valuable. And as it turns out it's because hedge funds and mutual funds all want to own Apple. No real financial reason for it, hedge fund managers, mutual fund managers and other incompetent perma-bubble Wall Street dolts like shinny new electrical doo-dads just like their spoiled brat, humanities-majoring children at home in Connecticut do. But what this shows you (or at least alludes to) is that it is institutions, not individuals, that are accounting for the majority of the buying and selling of the stocks. You also throw in electronic trading programs or "computerized trading" and it's no longer real investors with real money, as much as it is a potentially rigged beast of its own trading on itself.

It reminds me of a now-deceased publication called "Lake Minnetonka Magazine." This magazine was basically the socialite magazine for Minneapolis' uber-rich western suburb. Here is where Cargill, Carlson Companies and many more firms are based, as well as the hundreds of trust-fund babies these empires spawned. The magazine itself though was a self-absorbed love fest within itself. Written by the trustfunders about the trustfunders and all the parties they went to and who bought what Italian car or what worthless trophy wife opened up what worthless trinket shop with her hubby's money. Essentially it was a club or an entity that didn't produce anything and when its founder (ahem ahem-Tom Petters) was arrested for what was then the largest fraud in the history of the US (soon to be outdone by Bernie Madoff), the magazine went bye bye (ironically, shortly after, there were a LOT of for sale signs on the prestigious Lake Minnetonka, what handsome, dashing, chiseled motorcycle riding, fossil-hunting, bad-boy economist would have predicted that!).

In short, the stock market is being artificially inflated, if not, limped along, by the sanctimonious (or perhaps, oblivious) yutzes trapped in their own nepotistic, inbred echo chamber called "The East Coast." They trade amongst themselves, they believe that the stock market is a finite, mathematical beast that can be predicted. They have NEVER seen a real stock market crash, as they're perpetually bailed out by Dotcom Bubble after Housing Bubble after QE-LXI Bubble. They are truly oblivious to all the work, toil, labor and entrepreneurialism that gives those worthless pieces of paper (they so love to trade and sell and take commission on) value.

The question is if you wish to join this little clique or social party. Do you want to "hang" with all the fake and plastic of the paper-rich, asset-poor, and soon to be bankrupt class? Then by all means, throw that $16,500 max of your money into an inflated stock market every year. You'll be one of the cool people. But if you're more like me and want to hang out with your non-stab-you-in-the-back buddies at a reasonably priced bar, entertained with good intelligent conversation, and darn fine food, you may want to look elsewhere and hang out where there is real value.

In the meantime, enjoy the decline!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jessica Olen is More Important Than Her Child

There's not much I can say about this "article," that already hasn't been said over at Dalrock and GLPiggy. However, I will point out one point that was missed:

Children need both fathers and mothers to be brought up effectively in this world. And I get really sick and tired of single parents deciding to have children on their own because THEY want to have children, immediately evidencing how much more important they view themselves over their yet-to-be-born children. I don't like children, but by god, they are innocent little kids and they at least stand a shot before some greedy (or just outright stupid) morons bring them into this world for their own selfish purposes.

Maybe I'm flying at a higher altitude and can see this clearly, but does anybody else see how this is directly tied to the cheap nursing homes that are going to be very popular in the future?

Not Made By Liberal Arts Majors

Just another cool thing to add to the nearly infinite list of "Things Not Made By Liberal Arts Majors"

Perhaps they could have a disclosure at the end:

"No Women's Studies majors were hurt during the development and creation of this awesome railgun....because...well...we had no use for them and they weren't around."

Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit V: Dr. Thomas O'Bryan

☼ ☼ ☼    Entertainment Value
☼ ☼   Content
☼ ☼  Informational Accuracy
☼ ☼   Overall

Summary & Recommendations:  

Go listen to this. It is hands-down the best of the Paleo Summit thusfar. My regular readers know that gluten and wheat are not high on my list of worries, and I have not changed my mind that the gluten/wheat = root of all evils is an exaggeration of monumental proportions. This also doesn't change my mind about Wheat Belly and his hysteria.  That said, gluten sensitivity is real and denying there are those for whom avoiding gluten is life-changing is ... well, living in denial!  
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Why You Shouldn't Listen to Your English Teacher

Kids, very important lesson here today and so I want you to understand this.

Most English teachers are lousy at English.

They only know the structure and logic of the language, they have no ability to speak or write. And they certainly lack the creativity to engage a reader in pretty much anything. Ergo, they are forced to teach a language they're not only fluent in, but to kids who are also fluent in the language. The reason I bring this up is so that you're not concerned if you are only getting "C's" in English. Chances are it's your teacher simply not liking you and using the amorphous nature of English to knock you down a grade or two (notice I used the word "amorphous" and I also flunked out of 7th grade English).

Why do I bring this up? See below, it's a comment from this post here. I don't want people being told by the the "English Profession" they're not good at English. There are negative consequences, consequences nobody has to go through because some 20 something moron who couldn't major in a real subject decides to boost their ego by ripping or nitpicking on others' English ability.

A college degree was the equivalent of a high school diploma in the Fifties? If only.

My father was born in 1924 in a tiny fishing village — an island in the Chesapeake Bay, actually, remote and isolated from mainland life — and there were maybe 12 graduating seniors in 1942. But Pop was not among them. He quit high school at the age of 16 because he simply could not get a passing grade in English. He served in WWII (survived the entire Battle of the Bulge) and earned a two-year business degree on the GI Bill. But he was so sensitive about what he considered to be his poor grammar, Mom did all of his writing assignments. Pop was good at math, just couldn’t write worth a darn. Or so he thought. He was a cost accountant for most of his working days and always felt inferior to the college grads who were paid more and promoted more often.

So I took it on faith that Pop was a dullard when it came to writing.

My parents went through a horrible divorce in ’72, and went their separate ways. I received a one letter from him when I was a college sophomore, read it, and promptly forgot about it. Pop died in ’76, still a relatively young man.

Then, one day when my wife and I were preparing for a move (this must have been around 1984), I found the letter he had written. And re-read it. And I wondered, who was this man? It was a very well-written letter, in his own bold cursive writing style. By this time, I had been reading National Review for almost twenty years, and had thoroughly digested the writings of William Buckley, Hugh Kenner, James Burnham, Joe Sobran, and the rest of that talented bullpen. I could not kid myself: this was not the writing of a poor writer. This is the writing a thoughtful, sensitive man whose anguish at the mistakes he had made was palpable. It was easily better than typical college-student writing, and technically more correct than my own from a grammatical perspective.

Let me repeat: this was from a high-school dropout.

It seems to me that many of us paid thousands of dollars for a college degree and for the most part received a license to feel entitled.

Oh, and kids, before you head off to college, buy my book. It's worth more than all of your English classes combined, plus it's likely to get banned in your high school.

Blogging from the Paleo Summit IV: Sarah Fragoso, Erwan LeCorre, Paul Jaminet, Matt Stone, Thomas O'Bryan

Hi folks!  Due to some unexpected personal stuff yesterday I was unable to do the "Live" blogging on these two.  I listened to Sarah's interview but never got around to Erwan's.  I very much enjoyed Sarah's even though I don't have kids so it was mostly irrelevant to me.  I'd probably buy that Paleo Pals book for my kid or something else directly from her rather than buy the Paleo Summit if I were to have a use for her works.  Erwan's I didn't get to listen to ... yet.  It's still on my computer to play.  I'll try and post some thoughts on that one in case anyone's interested before the summit is over.

On Tap Today we have Matt Stone & Paul Jaminet with whom most of my readers are familiar, and Dr. Thomas O'Bryan (who I've never heard of, sorry) on gluten.  Of course this has to be my busiest day and I'm behind because of yesterday.  I've already listened to Matt & Paul.  Kudos to Sean for giving Matt almost an entire hour.  Paul's interview focuses on the rationale behind Perfect Health Diet with some new stuff on food reward with a twist.  I enjoyed listening to it as it's been a while since I read PHD and have had a chance to closely follow Paul's blog.   I'll try and live blog Dr. O'Bryan this afternoon as that would be more useful to most of my readers, but I will come back and discuss Matt & Paul before summit's end.  But push comes to shove, I'm saving my reviewing time for that master of human physiology Nora Gedgaudas' take on safe starches tomorrow. 

See ya later (maybe)...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Act of Valor

Sad new Cappy Cappites.

I sat through about 40 minutes of "Act of Valor" and cannot lie - I walked out of the movie.

No disrespect to the fine veterans who starred in the film, I certainly do appreciate what they've done for the country, not to mention the time they spent pursuing something that is not their profession, but the movie was just not my cup of tea.

To be fair, I am not the most patient person as you all know. I am also not the touchy feely type, so again, my judgment is biased. So keep in mind this review is just my humble opinion and if you are the patient, touchy feely type, you may like this movie. But there are some major drawbacks to this film.

First, I'm willing to cut the vets some slack in that they're not actors. But it was still painful for them to read their scripts. I don't believe this was their fault in I believe the director should have just filmed these guys in their natural habitat, hanging out at the local bar as they would in the real world, almost a documentary or reality type show. It would have been much more natural and real. I don't want to see Navy SEALs acting, I want to see Navy SEALs being normal Navy SEALs. Even if it isn't perfectly cinematic.

Unfortunately they force this squeaky clean American pie theme and script that was just so fake. It's "Miller Time" at the bar, there's a bonfire and surfing at the beach with the family, the kids and the spouses are all perfect. There was a glimmer of hope when they mention one of the SEALs who came from Trinidad dirt poor, was a Muay Thai fighter and became a SEAL, and I was like "alright! Tell me more about this guy!" But then they quickly go back to the Perfect-Happy-Fun Family theme. I left the moment once one of the SEALs was saying good-bye to his wife and then bends down to talk to the belly of his wife (because she is pregnant). That was the HUGE snowflake that caused the avalanche and I bolted.

Again, I'm not the touchy feely type.

Second, one of the SEALs is reading letters or "sayings" or something from his father that are interspersed with a spotty subplot going on in the Philippines and Costa Rica. It's touchy feely stuff, no doubt thoughtful and true, but too much touchy feely. I didn't even understand half of what was said as it was almost poetic. It ruined the movie and also created a very jarring effect where we go back and forth from the "picturesque American life" to people getting killed in Costa Rica and back to soothing poetic readings with waves crashing on the beach back to a bus blowing up.

Third, the sheer time spent on developing the background that yes, these are real human beings with real families. These are not just automotonic drones programmed to kill. They are real men and women making real sacrifices. I get that, and agree that this would have to be part of the movie. But not half of the movie. I was already running out of patience with "Man on Fire" in how long it took to develop the relationship between Creasy and the little girl. "Act of Valor" may have actually spent less time on "family development," but it was so painful it felt about three times as long. At least Creasy was teaching the kid how to swim. At least he was an alcoholic. Something slightly entertaining or character developing was going on. Act of Valor was about 40 minutes of watching family videos. Again, I'm not a patient man.

What happened afterwards, I don't know, but I do know I can Netflix it and fast-forward through the first half, essentially turning it into a one hour action flick, or at least I hope the plot thickens and there's some action.

In short, I recommend not wasting your time and money seeing this move in the theater. If you are the touchy feely type and have more patience than the Captain, then maybe Netflix/Redbox it, but I have a hard time rationalizing expending the resources to drive, park, pay and watch this in the theater. OR, perhaps you could use "Man on Fire" or even "Heat" as proxies as to how much "touchy feely" you can tolerate in a movie before you start demanding action. "Man on Fire" redeemed the first part of the movie with the action and plot that followed. "Heat" was "barely" tolerable to me with the amount of interpersonal crap I had to tolerate to see Pacino and DeNiro duke it out with fully-automatic weapons. So if you really liked "Heat" and thought the interpersonal stuff improved the movie, you'll probably want to see this in the theater.

If not, again, benefit from the Captain's experience and save yourself some time and money.

PS- I forgot to mention there was an acoustic guitar on the beach. And you all know how much I associate acoustic guitars with communism.

Recession Medicine


What a "Kroc"

You couldn't have named it better.

I'm Really Important!

I love it when people who have no skills, no talent and nothing to offer society, find other equally worthless people and form committees to promote themselves to some level of prominence in the community. (language warning).

Who in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick has meetings to see how they (the artists) should dictate how they can lead the community? Who says the community wants their input, let alone be "led" by these tyrannical brats?

Actually, now that I think about it, if it just takes a couple spoiled children to decree themselves some kind of "community leader" then I should have the equally undeserved right to declare open season on Hipsters in Brooklyn.

"Everybody grab your AR15's! It's Hipster season!"

"Where do we go Hipster hunting?"

"Brooklyn. I hear the land's teaming with them."

"What do we use for bait?"

"We'll post fliers in the area that we're a major recording label holding auditions looking for acoustic guitar playing girly men who want to sing songs about the injustices of reality and the real world. We'll have them "audition" at a specific time and location. It will be an organic turkey shoot!"

"Wow, I better get more ammo!"

Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit III: Leptin Man!

Link:  Dr. Jack Kruse ... Neuuurosurgeon!
Title:  Leptin Circadian Cycles


☼ ☼ ☼    Entertainment Value
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Content
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Informational Accuracy
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Overall

Everything you'd expect in thirty minutes with Dr. Jack Kruse, or Leptin Man as we call him in these parts.  Ah what the heck, it's my blog.  Can we put up that slide Jeeves?   Thanks.  OK.  What you won't get is what's billed.  Leptin circadian cycles account for a couple minutes at most of the talk, and although Croxton promises us that Jack "shares how he lost 133 pounds in a single year by correcting the 'biological mismatches' that were once prevalent in his life" there's nothing about the Leptin Reset that comes out of Jack's mouth in this talk.   Aside from using the words like evolutionary a few times, and exclaiming that paleo fixes all (no grains, limited dairy), this wasn't really a paleo "talk".  The only unifying theme was that there was no unifying theme.  Oh ... and leptin!
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Milk, Cow, Dancing

The Captain still teaches the occasional dance class. Nothing fancy, just a step here and there taught to the local yokels. However, inevitably a young man comes up to me and asks about dancing, namely whether it's worth learning to dance or not.

This presents a paradox for young men, or perhaps "trap" is a better word, and so let me explain. (I am also forewarning people with thin skin and prone to complain about candid reality-based observations between the sexes that you may want to exercise your freedom of choice, and not read further).

Dancing is essentially the parallel or counterpart to sex when it comes to matters of courting. What I mean by that is IN GENERAL men like sex more than women, and when it comes to dancing, women like dancing more than men. This presents men with a golden opportunity to level the playing field, however, most of the men interested in learning to dance squander it.

For example, I was at the local dance bar in town and a young man saw me and one of the elder ladies light up the floor. He, along with everybody else in the joint, was very much impressed. When I returned to the table I found out he was a beginner dancer and was very eager to improve his skills. He started interrogating me about how to become a better dancer, when to go, what kind of classes were available, etc. etc. The next song came on and he immediately asked one of the girls at the table to dance. I knew her. She was a nice gal, also VERY good at dancing, but she had a bit of a chip on her shoulder because she was one of the few good looking girls in town. So I took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - teaching him a lesson about dancing and to give her guff.

I said, "What the hell are you doing?"

He looked at me and said, "I'm going to go dance?"

"No no no! What are you, crazy? You don't just go and offer dances for free!"

"I don't?" he asked.

"No! Look, dancing is like sex, except women want it more than men. So you don't just give it away for free. You gotta make them earn it. You don't just be a "dance whore" and dance with every girl at every opportunity. You get to be choosy!"

Naturally the girl protested, but her smiling face gave away that I was onto her.

She contested, "No, you go ahead and dance with whatever girl you want! There's nothing wrong with that. Don't listen to him!"

Smirking I retorted, "Hey, look, listen to me. Remember how many girls didn't want to have sex, or made you hold out? You were all for it, but they played their little games? This is god's gift to us to do the same. It's pay back time. For once we have something they want and we just aren't into it that much."

He said, "Yes, but I love to dance!"

I immediately hushed him up, "SHHHHHHH!!!! Jesus Christ!!!! Are you trying to ruin it for everybody??? You don't TELL them that! Fine, YOU like to dance, but most men don't. That makes you special. That makes you the sole supplier of what they want. You gotta play it cool. You reward them with a dance! You don't just give it away because you like it."

The girl by now was smiling and laughing, "You know, you're ruining it for the rest of us!"

I said in a sly come-hither look, "You know it's true! You just don't like it when we get to reverse the game and play it back on you!"

Of course the two young kids went and danced anyway, but this little anecdote highlights the point I'm trying to make. Why buy the dancing cow when the dancing milk is for free?

On the dance scene we had a name for guys who just went willy nilly dancing with every girl. We called them "Dance Whores." Now there is nothing wrong with being a dance whore, matter of fact, it's a great way to learn, and learn fast you will. You'll make a lot of friends AND it can be the best time in your life IF there is a vibrant and healthy dance community (ie-everybody wants to dance with everybody and there are no cliques or drama involved).

However, every dance scene has a life-expectancy. The fad will die out. The dance scene will get invaded by desperate singles groups. Eerie middle aged men desperate for wives will scare away all the other girls. Heck, people get married and don't go dancing any more. And soon what was the greatest dance community is nothing more than a desperate singles group or pick up joint. And all you have left is the dance skills you picked up.

But this was not all in vain. You now have a skill that very few men have. AND A LOT OF WOMEN DESPERATELY COVET! Yes, on the dance scene, EVERY guy knew how to dance, and therefore, you were nothing special. But if you go out into the non-dance scene world, you are hot tamales my fine young friend!

Of course, there are problems or drawbacks. Notably if you go to a wedding or a bar where dancing is not the main attraction or there is not enough of a dancing community, most girls will shoot you down for a dance PRIMARILY because they don't know you are a great dancer. This is why you need a good Wing-Woman. A woman who knows how to dance. A woman who will dance with you early on in the evening, showing and advertising to all the other women that you indeed are a great dancer. Once you've demonstrated you can beget 100% of the attention on the floor with a girl, THEN you start approaching girls seeing if they want to dance.

But again, you don't flood the market with dances. You hold back on production, just like OPEC. You are your own One Man Cartel of Dancing. You keep that price high as possible. Choose only the girls you want to dance with. Dance with them ONLY once. I also STRONGLY recommend grabbing older women and dancing with them. Not only will Grandma Tilly say yes, and not only will Grandma Tilly have the time of her life dancing with you, every younger girl who thought they were top shizzizle is wondering how the heck you are choosing women to dance with.

Dating it's the same thing. It may seem counter-intuitive, but you NEVER take a girl out on a dancing for the first date or use dancing to entice her into a date. You take her to a movie, or diner, or what have you and then through the normal course of conversation you let it slip that you "are an accomplished tango dancer." Or that you "love to salsa dance." Once you plant that seed, it will grow, quite rapidly, into a tree of desire to go dancing.

But, just like the kid on the block who was the first one to get a Nintendo or a Playstation 2, you don't let the entire neighborhood come over and play. You be stingy with the dancing. You, again, use it as a reward. If she makes you dinner, you go dancing. If she's nice and not a drama queen, you go dancing. If she starts in with the mind games and being late and nagging - NO DANCING FOR YOU! You are the prize because you got the goods.

So boys, and even men of the married caliber, remember to use dancing to your advantage. Learn it, pick it up, it's a great skill to have. But once that dance scene goes the way of Christian singles groups, the good times are over, and you must hang up your dance whoring attire. However, you have a skill that pretty much every red-blooded female wants, but less than 1% of the male population has, and that is dancing.

Don't botch it up by flooding the market with it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit II: Diane Sanfilippo

Link:  Diane Sanfilippo

Rating:  ☼ ☼ ☼ 

Summary & Recommendation:  This is a short and sweet review/summary of Diane Sanfilippo's presentation.  I wanted to get this out there because it's not something I would recommend buying the Summit videos etc. for, but I think for most of my readers, even the anti-paleo types, there's probably something helpful in there.  What you won't find is a lot of information on what a paleo diet is (indeed just about any diet could be paleo it seems at one point), the foods to eat, fasting, a litany about PUFA, MUFA and whatnot.  But whether it be how to deal with eating out, responding to criticism or questions from friends and family, etc., there's probably something worth at least being reminded of.   I didn't learn much, but only because I've been there, done that, live it -- and I've been over that part of doing my own thing with diet and lifestyle for quite some time.   It's only 40 minutes long, and as of my posting it will be available free for only another 5 and 1//2 hours (till midnight 2/26 PST).  Diane sounds like a  true paleo -- no dairy, grains, veggie oils, and such -- but her discussions and warnings about stressing over your dietary purity (orthorexia if you want to put a term to it) show flexibility.  I especially liked her realism as to the time it may take to see results (despite "7 days to" subtitles on books) and that if you stop seeing them or don't realize what you expect that there are still other ways to eat out there.  So if you have the time, go listen!

Today's Word is Bureaugamy

Again, I hope the government check hugs you back at night and you get a lot of rocking chair time with the government check.

Have the Captain Come to Campus

Looking for a speaker that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to visit your college student organization?

Want some sound advice that speaks directly to people your age and will prove practical?

Or do you just plain need some training in data, statistics and economic research to help fight the tides of socialism at your school? (because, good Lord, you College Republicans desperately need it!)

Then look no further! Have the Captain come to campus!

For airfare, a decent hotel, rental car, a Chipolte fajita and a fee that is a mere fraction of what Ann Coulter or Dennis Prager will charge, you can have the Captain visit your little realm of Academia and dispense his patented "super-awesome economic genius." Be it a speech about choosing the right major, a training seminar on how to educate yourselves about economics and statistics, or consulting your student organization to become more strategic and effective, the Captain is more than happy to help out you youth.

My goal is not to make a "killing" charging you poor college students "$20,000" for a visit you can't afford, but rather to help as many students as possible get educated about politics, economics, education and statistics to help you become more capable of defending and advocating freedom, liberty and capitalism.

So if you are a member of a student organization that doesn't have billions in funds to afford limitless number of speakers, consider contacting the ole Captain.

You can reach me at

Paleo Summit ~ FYI if you're gonna buy ~ Please read

Folks if you go to the affiliates link for the Paleo Summit you'll learn some information on how folks will be compensated:

The cost for this summit is not cheap, but if you purchase the "upgrade" for $67 during the summit, $99 afterwards.  If you click through a favorite presenter's link to purchase, they will receive 70% of the cost.  Clicking through from any other link will net the affiliate 50% of the total which is still a sizeable amount.

They are assuring the "first contact" is credited with the sale through cookies, so if you happen to click through from X's site, and later decide to purchase because another presenter moved you, they won't be getting the compensation.  I think allowing the purchaser to direct their affiliate $'s to certain presenters or conduits would be better, but who am I ...  In any case, if you intend to purchase this summit, send a message by clicking through from a solid presenter.  Clear all your cookies and such from your browser and do a clean click through.  If you need to re-register, everyone has a second email addy!

There has been a lot of buzz around about speakers at such events and such and it will send a message (or should) when hopefully people will reward excellence and substance with their "voting" dollar.  You may not even realize you've clicked through an affiliate link sometimes. Jimmy's even got his own URL that redirects  to

Live Blogging from the Paleo Summit I: Mark Sisson

Link:  Mark Sisson


☼ ☼ ☼    Entertainment Value
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Content
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Informational Accuracy
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼  Overall

It is fair to say that of all the paleo/LC folks with whom I have disagreements with on the substance of their message, Mark Sisson is probably the most enjoyable personality to listen to.  If you know nothing about paleo/primal, this is a good overview of the basics.  If you're familiar with Primal Blueprint at all, there's nothing new here.  The interview is more notable for what it is missing -- any major emphasis on excessive carbohydrate consumption (no carbohydrate curve), minimal mentions of insulin and no mention of fat being locked away.  Not too many overt factual errors or misrepresentations of the science.  Most of all this interview and other recent ones demonstrate Mark's ability to adjust his marketing pitch to the tune of what's going on out there.   His transition has been so smooth as to be almost unnoticeable.  The hot thing these days is the "fat burning metabolism", and Mark's a master at capitalizing on that.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cooking Out Ranks Your Masters in "Liberal Arts"

Ladies I'm here to help.

And by "help" I mean tell you the truth.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with the truth. You can scream and yell and pout and even threaten me, but that doesn't change the truth. So you have a choice, accept and appreciate the truth (thereby making decisions based in reality which will be more effective and beneficial to your lives) or deny it and ignore it and try to fight against it. Again, the second option I usually equate to arguing with a tornado about to barrel down on your house. I'll leave the choice to you.

So let our lesson begin.

In listening to the radio, going on teh interwebz, reading, etc, I find that if you were to ask younger women to list their qualities or why men should find them attractive, without a doubt they will list that they're "educated" or "have an education."

Now, as I've gone into great detail before, it depends on what you got that education in. If you have your Masters in Electrical Engineering with an undergrad in Computer Science, sign me up right now for the Hot IT Chick Fan Club! If you have your degree in accounting and are a controller at a company, I shall be your personal little intern-slave-boy any day. And if you're in pre-med I shall volunteer to be your guinea pig. But if you are like the millions of other young women who simply followed the herd, got a worthless liberal arts degree and then merely doubled down on it and got a masters, eh, sorry, not impressed. The reasons why are:

1. Those degrees have no intellectual rigor. ie-just because you have a degree does not mean you're smart. Do not confuse the two and please don't brag about the worthless degree as if it has some intellectual merit.

2. They're not practical and they serve no purpose in the real world. We find women who are productive and self-supporting sexy and genuinely attractive because they really are independent women. Not somebody who got on the cushy make-work government job gravy train.

3. Furthermore, it's nothing unique or special. There's a million "Art Fashion" majors or "Cosmetology" majors out there. Common as blades of grass. You don't stand out.

Now, I know, I know, "We don't live our lives for you" and "we're not doing it for MEN!" and blah blah blah.

I know.

But I'm not talking about whether you go to school for men (which I hope you don't). We're talking about listing education as a badge of honor or something you think men will find attractive on your profile.

List your Masters in Nuclear Physics? - hell yes.

List your Doctorate in Chemistry? - hell yes.

List your PhD in "East Asian Studies?" - sorry, not going to impress us.

Thankfully, however, men are not primarily concerned about what you got your degree in. Yes, we are impressed if you have your CPA. Yes, we are impressed if you know how to program ACL statements on a Cisco router. But outranking all of that is whether you are nice.

To demonstrate I shall link to this link here. I do not agree with the "mail order bride" aspect of the post, but rather I just want the men to look at the pictures and tell me if that doesn't outrank a "Masters in English" any day. The pictures are also simply an amazing amalgamation of food and Uncle Elmer is one lucky guy.

Heck, who knows. Such kindness and pampering may actually (GASP!) LEAD TO A LONGER LIFE EXPECTANCY AND BETTER HEALTH!!!! Even (GASP) a BETTER RELATIONSHIP! Of course we wouldn't want that! Better to get your "Masters in Peace Studies" and lord it over whatever guy you date. I'm sure that will get them banging down your door.


I was wondering where a slight (and I do mean slight) bump in traffic came from, and it was Reddit. We all know Reddit is more or less populated with people leaning to the left and younger lefter leaning folk at that, but when I looked at the comments it has confirmed several sad things:

1. I'd hope that the youth would appreciate truth over being lied to, to help boost their self-esteem. Apparently my book will not do as well as I want, as youth today preferred to be lied to so they have warm fuzzies TODAY as opposed to genuine happiness and success tomorrow. Oh well, it isn't my life.

2. I'm still amazed at the emotional response by the handful of commenters who just plain refuse to listen to what I just said. "Men prefer kindness to your worthless degree." That's a fact. Do they accept it? No, they lash out at it and refuse to believe it. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm amazed how emotions trump reality in this situation and how (primarily) girls readily dismiss reality. Which is the crux of what i'm saying - How do you DISMISS REALITY? Perhaps my parents were rich enough to bring me up to have such a delusional and entitled mentality that I have the luxury of ignoring reality.

3. I can't wait till these kids hit the labor market. Just can't wait.

4. Perhaps I think too simply, but when a guy says, "This is what men want" shouldn't that be more or less be accepted? An unquestionable premise? No, not to these children. There must be something WRONG with men then. "You don't want what we want you to want, therefore you're wrong." I wish these girls the utmost of success with the strategy of ignoring what men want and being so bold as to lecture them for wanting what they want.

Regardless, the ability of youth to ignore reality simply because "they don't like it" is a very entertaining phenomenon. I will continue to sit and watch Gen Y lie to themselves about how the real world works as it will be as entertaining as seeing 40 something women tell themselves "they can have it all and 40 is the new 20" while the tornado of reality barrels down upon them...both groups oblivious to it...both groups oblivious to how they're wasting the precious minutes they have on this planet away.

Be thankful that you, me and other "pessimists" are smart enough to realize our mortality and are smart enough to live in the real world and, therefore, enjoy the decline!

Fat Tissue Expansion: Part III ~ Fat Cell Number

Before reading you may wish to read:  Part I ~ Terminology , Part II ~ Overview of How it Can Happen

As mentioned in Part II, fat tissue expands by an increase (proliferation) of fat cells and/or a growth of the individual fat cells.  This installment concerns the number of fat cells and is likely the least "actionable" in this series in terms of diet, unless you're planning to have a child and/or have young children.   This does, however, lend some assistance to those formerly obese who are considering liposuction or more drastic surgery that may involve fat cell removal.  Bottom line, the number of fat cells we have is virtually completely out of our control as adults (according to current understanding). 

So this post will be rather short, and I plan to expand on the data we have regarding fat tissue development in infancy, puberty and other periods of childhood in subsequent installments.  It would appear that the number of fat cells we are born with is determined somewhat later in gestation.  At right is the progression of the formation of mature adipocytes.    From this article

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Friday, February 24, 2012

My husband says I must be really sick!

... and I am :(  He was shocked I didn't blog today as I spent the entire time sleeping on the couch.  I almost never get sick, and it's been like forever since I had any sort of intestinal bug which is what this is.  Oddly enough my hubby had it last week which seems too long ago for me to still catch.  So now I wonder if it's in the house or something we both ate from our fridge.    I can't figure out how it is possible I slept all day and I'm still yawning and can barely keep my eyes open typing this!

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How To Tell There's an Education Bubble

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but never took the time to exit from the interstate and take a picture of a similar billboard in Minneapolis.

Fortunately I knew this billboard in Phoenix was coming up, and had my camera at the ready and was able to take a snapshot of it.

Kids (and parents stupid enough to pay for their kids' ways through college), let me explain something to you.

If the colleges have to BUY BILLBOARD SPACE to advertise their degrees, chances are it's a worthless school and a worthless degree. The "Carlson School of Management" had a billboard up for its MBA program in St. Louis Park. Do you REALLY think Harvard and Yale have to resort to this? MIT I doubt buys commercial ads on daytime TV. And I seriously doubt The Chicago School of Economics has infomercials running on late-night TV.

Do yourselves a favor, do not attend schools that advertise on billboards. Also, do yourselves another favor and read my super awesome book. It's definitely worth more than an MBA from the "Carlson School of Management" and a heck of a lot cheaper too.

For the Cheap Seats

I'll say it again for the cheap seats because it seems people are unaware of the comment policy.

The single worst thing I have to do is delete a comment that is brilliant or has a point because it is also marred by an unacceptable level of crassness, swearing or uncalled for remarks.

Keep the cursing to a minimum. The slandering and threatening of other people non-existent. And the sexual commentary reasonably clean.

Not that I'm running a church here, but we're not running a prison either.

Death Star Economics

A Keynesian dream come true!!!

Krugman is probably wetting himself as we speak!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Stupid Journalism Major

Good god, do they teach these kids anything about being intellectually honest? I'm not expecting journalism majors to take Calc III or understand physics, let alone contribute to society, but for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, could you just display some of them there much-touted "critical thinking skills?"

The Modus Operandi of the "Emotional Blackmailer"

He is too good to be true - He is soft-spoken and polite, he is kind and loves women, he is respectful, he doesn't come on too strong FOR THE FIRST FEW MEETINGS ONLY. He's always on the lookout for a patsy, but he's in no hurry as there's always another one around the corner so he'll take his time in coming on to you.

He'll be there more and more frequently - gazing at you with puppy dog eyes; wanting to know everything about you, asking your advice, making it look like you are getting to know each other and forming a bond.

He will put himself in the best possible light - including lying through his teeth about his ambitions, activities, hopes and dreams.

His seduction techniques are often subtle and well-practiced - It will seem he did nothing to seduce you until you look back and analyze it. He sat and stood close to you, he brushed against you, but it didn't seem to be on purpose.

He suddenly "Turns on the Charm" and turns up the heat - Once you're hypnotized by his sweetness and modesty and respectfulness, he will pounce on you one night and turn into a Mr. Hyde. It "just happened." This is the critical moment to run away, don't let him touch you. He'll leave you breathless wondering what exactly happened. He'll turn on all the charm full force and you'll be wanting him from then on, yet wanting some breathing room. You won't get any. Ever. It won't bother you at first - you'll think he's attentive and ardent.

He starts using the lines technique - Once you're "seeing" each other, he'll be a real swain, discussing how amazing this new relationship is, how different you are from any woman he ever met; and he'll talk about your remarkable beauty and how "alike" you are. He will talk about your "resonance" and describe all the awful women he knew before who didn't want a good man - who wanted someone to abuse them.
All of this is meaningless talk. He uses the same lines on every woman.
He will whine and even shed tears - if you say you have other things to do, other people to see, or want to be alone after seeing him 8 days in a row. He enjoys being abused, so if you scream at him it only makes him feel more secure. He got used to fighting all around him as a child and he equates fighting with love.

He'll start demanding that you "prove your love" - You have become nothing but his prop. He has become your jailer. The key is: he demands CONSTANT proof of your love.

He will "seem" to accept your decision to break up - As the months roll along and you are tired of his constant presence, begging, whining and having unreasonable control of your life, you will decide to break up with him. He will then agree to back off, give you some space, and try to do better.

He'll tell you he has "changed" - No matter how many times you break up with him, he will call you to tell you that he needs you, that he has changed, and he will say it all in a calm voice as if he respects your decision to come back or not. His game is to stay away just long enough that you forget his annoying traits and miss the good parts. But if you agree to even one meeting it will be back to daily visits and demands for constant pampering again.

Getting Rid of the Bastard
The only way to get rid of the emotional blackmailer is when he has found another victim to be his patsy. He will already be courting her while seeing you (he is juggling two or more women per day).

Once he has the new person in his thrall and has nothing to lose by losing you, he will drop you like a hot potato.

He prey's on sympathy, and lives to control - his purpose is to have many women in his control - perhaps one for money and one to scream at him, and both for companionship. He gets a high from controlling people, because as a child he had no control over anything and frequently felt abandoned. This is why the more women who feel sorry for him, listen to him, go out with him, the better he feels and behaves. However, he is telling each of them the same thing: they are the best, the most beautiful, the most like him, he wants to spend the rest of his life with ONLY THEM.

The character of the Emotional Blackmailer
Everything he says or does is for gain. He does nothing for the sheer joy of it, or because he likes people or wants to build a relationship: he is looking ahead to what he can get out of the person: sex, housekeeping, emotional support, someone to listen to him spin his tales of woe, what have you. Loyalty or faithfulness are not in his nature.
He will become vicious and even violent if he is crossed, contradicted, found out, exposed or denied what he wants. It looks exactly like the tantrum of a five year old. That is still his emotional age, although he has the smooth moves of a Casanova down pat.

How Do You Extricate Yourself from the Emotional Blackmailer?
One way out is to cut off all contact. Even email may put you back in his control if you get back into the same pattern of doing what he wants when he wants it. He is a master manipulator who will prey on your sympathy for him as a human being.

Any time spent reasoning with him is wasted - he doesn't hear a word you say. All arguments are circular. If you discuss codependence, he says it doesn't exist, that it's a psychobabble word for two people caring for each other. If he has no answer to your logic he will remain silent and wait for you to shut up, then start with his argument again.

After you have cut off contact, he will stalk you for a while if he doesn't have a replacement lined up yet, but this will cease because it isn't fulfilling enough for him. He NEEDS feedback, anger, someone to scream at him. Any kind of attention pleases him - he is a true masochist who would enjoy being slapped. If you catch him? He will accuse YOU of stalking HIM!

Another way to ditch the Emotional Blackmailer is to turn the tables on him. A man who is so good at manipulating is also easily manipulated to do whatever you want IF you do it the right way. You can be rid of him within a few weeks without avoiding him by doing the following:
Exhibit jealousy and make it clear that you won't share him with anyone else, and you expect to spend the rest of your life with him and have exclusive rights over him. This will make him feel suffocated for a change and he will be eagerly stepping out on you while claiming he wants only you.

Lose interest in doing anything you used to do for him or with him; stop taking him seriously; don't listen to his rants about his job; ridicule his ideas, act bored and make it clear you see him only as a useful decoration. Tell him to grow up, tell him you are well aware of his manipulative games but you like him anyway and demand he be faithful to you. This will scare him and make him step up his efforts with the other women, and he will soon be out of your life.

A Final Note:

Healthy, non-manipulative men:

Don't beg
Don't tell you that you're "the best"
Don't use the lines "if you really love me", or "prove you love me by doing this for me"...
Don't put down their girlfriends or wives (former or current), even mildly
Respect your right to have other online friends
Share all their information with you: address, phone numbers, job, etc. They don't mind if you double check on them for your own safety!

99 Red Flags That You Are Involved With A Narcissist/Psychopath.

During my relationship with Gareth I noticed a lot of what I would come to know as "Red Flags" but at the time I didn't recognize them for what they were.

Pretty much all 99 Red Flags were evident in Gareth in one way shape or form, some he didn't qualify for, but I would steer clear of anyone who displays even a few of the below Red Flags

Trust your gut instincts!!!! and run like hell from any man or woman who displays these red flags in their behaviour.

1. Has an abnormal 'startle response' - doesn't jump or startle when we would. This is documented by professionals, but not well known among the public.

2. May show an odd fascination with fire/weapons/drugs/alcohol.

3. Unusual fascination with body function of bowel movements/products, flatulance./ Would not go to the toilet unless I was out of the house.

4. Homophobic (angry/protests about gays)

5. Staring / tuning you out / The Predatory Stare / Waking up during the night to see his face over mine staring.

6. Considers their own logic or intellect to be superior to all others.

7. Odd/irrational behaviour / (Placing my lighters in the freezer)

8. Is intolerant of children or animals.

9. Does not respect your privacy / Stalking

10. Lack of empathy / Inability to put themselves in another's shoes. - Unable to acknowledge or respond to pain in others that is not clearly visible. - Turns up TV when you have a headache etc

11. ridicule or insult you then tell you its a joke

12. roll his or her eyes when you talk?

13."twist" your words, somehow turning what you said against you?

14. Says he hasn't been with a woman in a long time and you are the first he has been interested in

15. Demands knowing where you are if you say no to a date

16. Tickles/wrestles when you keep telling him to stop

17. Doesn't talk much about his family or his past

18. Paranoid you're going out with someone else

19. Paranoid he is being watched

20. Has major Interests in NLP, Seduction Techniques, Psychology

21. Says he loves you on the first date, or online before you have even met

22. Damages the images of most others

23. Exhibits unnatural and perplexing behavior — backwards reactions to things

24. Is a control freak, trampling privacy/boundaries

25. Reacting with contempt to what should evoke sympathy

26. Reacting with anger to what should please (such as finding some mysterious offense in an attempt to suck up)

27. Reacting with aversion to what should attract

28. Getting angrier in reaction to what should appease (Narcissistic Rage)

29. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited power, success, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

30. Sees himself as “special” and should only have to affiliate with others of a similar stature

31. Takes advantage of others to achieve his needs

32. Demonstrates a constant need for admiration or approval

33. Exaggerates personal achievements while minimizing those of others

34. Feels entitled to special treatment and that rules frequently don’t apply to him

35. Very charismatic or charming at first, but can quickly switch from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde without apparent cause

36. May insist that he know your whereabouts at all times

37. Demands compliance with his expectations

38. Is unable to demonstrate or understand empathy or compassion

39. Does not seem to feel real happiness or positive emotions

40. Often criticizes and/or puts others down

41. Assumes himself to be more knowledgeable than those around him

42. May harass or stalk you if you do break up

43. Quick to anger or feel insulted or slighted

44. Rages with anger or inflicts the “silent treatment” when upset

45. Denies he has issues to work on – sees himself as nearly perfect

46. May often take unnecessary risks

47. Frequently humiliates or abuses others, although he doesn’t see it as abuse

48. Sulks when he doesn’t get his way

49. Nothing is ever his fault

50. Exaggerates the truth or blatantly lies

51. Rarely treats anyone with respect or kindness

52. His needs for attention, time, and space matter – yours do not

53. Uses sex as a weapon – through withholding, controlling, or being overly demanding

54. Rarely recognizes the accomplishments or abilities of others

55. Doesn’t appear to have a conscience

56. Does not take criticism well and becomes defensive easily

57. Rarely expresses appreciation of others

58. Is easily hurt and insulted

59. Considers most others in the world “idiots”

60. Shows no feelings of remorse or guilt for his mistakes or the hurts he dishes out

61. Wins most arguments through the use of rationalizing his behavior

62. Frequently complains that whatever you do, it isn’t “good enough”

63. Is often paranoid – thinks people are talking about him behind his back

64. May attempt to limit loved ones from spending time with others

65. May want to have complete control of the family money

66. Always has to win any argument

67.Is often envious of others, or thinks others envy him

68. May feel entitled to go through your purse, closet, or other personal belongings without your permission

69. His attitude is generally haughty or arrogant

70. Rarely can understand another’s point of view

71. Expects you to read his mind when he wants something

72. Hates to stand in line – he shouldn’t have to, as his time is more valuable than others

73. Frequently “forgets” to give birthday and holiday cards and gifts to loved ones

74. May ignore you or be indifferent to you for no reason

75. Leaves others feeling as though they need to “walk on eggshells” around him

76. Is desperate to have the biggest house, car, bank account, or title

77. Often leaves you feeling guilty, drained, fearful, exhausted, just plain stupid, and most of all, wondering how you got there

78. Rushes you into the relationship/ whirlwind romance / Pressuring you to marry him/her

79. Has absolutely NO sense of humor unless it is laughing at someone elses demise or misery

80. Doesn't seem to have any close, "real" relationships--with friends or family

81. Mimics your body language and speech - "Mirroring"

82. Wants to be intimate on the first meeting.

83. Name-dropper

84. Is jealous when you praise friends, is jealous of your achievements, belittled or undermined them to make himself look better.

85. Authority issues - all doctors are quacks, all judges & police are corrupt. He knew better than any "expert". Looked down on anyone working class.

86. When pushed to explain cruel things he had said, denies he had said them.

87. Had two cell/mobile phones

88. Uses the Silent Treatment on you

89. Borrows money from you and then disappears or doesn't call.

90. Logs offline and you don't hear from him for days at a time.

91. Rarely, if ever, said "thank you" for anything or apologized for anything either

92. Doesn't seem to believe me when I tell him things then acts angry when facts are proven to him

93. Starts using words such as "soul mate" and "forever" very quickly after meeting online or in person for the first time.

94. Cuts you off several times without warning and for no good reason. When you started talking again it was always that he was confused or you were getting "crazy" or "suffocating" him.

95. No conversation, avoiding people in normal conversation.

96. Refuses to be left alone with the children

97. Constantly complains of mystery ailments, back ache, head ache, hypochondriac

98. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviours or attitudes

99. A grandiose sense of self-importance

Why Do Some People Choose One Bad Relationship After Another?

Some people unwittingly choose destructive relationships over and over again. The consequences of their choices are painful and emotionally damaging, yet those that engage in this repetitive behavior never seem to learn from their experience. Instead they go from one bad partner to the next, much to the chagrin of those closest to them (including therapists) who pull their hair out trying to stop them. Why does this happen?

Traditional psychoanalytic theory offered an intriguing, yet seemingly unlikely explanation for such self-destructive relationship choices. People who choose such partners must derive pleasure from being mistreated. Simply stated, the choosers are masochistic. If the "pleasure principle" drives people, as analysts argued, certainly this behavior follows the same rules. The therapist's task was to make the unconscious pleasure known to the patient--and then they would be free to choose a more appropriate partner.

Yet, in my years of doing therapy, I never found any client who received any pleasure at all, conscious or unconscious, from the abuse and neglect heaped on them by narcissistic or otherwise destructive partners. Rather, my clients were simply hurt over and over again. Still, the "repetition compulsion" was true enough: no sooner had a client ended with one particularly hurtful person then they found another wolf in sheep's clothing. There had to be a good reason. Here's what my clients have taught me over the years.

People who have not been given "voice" in childhood have the lifelong task of repairing the "self." This is an endless construction project with major cost overruns (much like the "Big Dig" in Boston). Much of this repair work involves getting people to "hear" and experience them, for only then do they have value, "place," and a sense of importance. However, not just any audience will do. The observer and critic must be important and powerful, or else they will hold no sway in the world. Who are the most important and powerful people to a child? Parents. Who must a person pick as audience to help rebuild the self? People as powerful as parents. Who, typically, is more than willing to play the role of power broker in a relationship, doling out "voice" only insofar as it suits him/her? A narcissist, "voice hog," or otherwise oblivious and neglectful person.

And so it goes. The person goes in the relationship with the hope or dream of establishing their place with a narcissistic partner, only to find themselves emotionally battered once again. These are not "oedipal" choices--people are not choosing their father or mother. They are picking people they perceive powerful enough to validate their existence.

But why doesn't a person leave when they realize they are in yet another self-destructive relationship? Unfortunately, on occasion things go well with a narcissistic partner--particularly after a blowout fight. A narcissist is often expert in yielding just enough "voice" to keep his or her victim from leaving. They grant a place in their world, if only for a day or two. The wish that this change is permanent sustains the voiceless person until the relationship regresses back to its usual pattern.

Giving up a destructive relationship is difficult. The brief moments of validation are cherished, and the person who finally leaves must relinquish the hope of "earning" more. When the person finally breaks free they are faced with an immediate and lasting feeling of emptiness and self-blame that makes them question their decision.

"If only I had been different or better--then I would have been valued," is the usual refrain. Once the old relationship is sufficiently grieved, the person immediately resumes their search for another partner/lover with the qualifications and authority to again secure him or her a "place" in the world.

Ironically, this "repetition compulsion" is hardly masochistic. Instead, it represents an ongoing attempt to heal the self, albeit one with disastrous results. The cycle repeats itself because the person knows no other way of preventing themselves from feeling tiny or immaterial.

This is exactly where therapy comes into play. The analysts were correct in at least one important matter. This repetitive behavior has its roots in childhood, the time in which "voice" and self are established. People are often aware that they are struggling to be heard, to have a sense of agency, and to be valued in a relationship, but they are unaware that this is usually the very same struggle they had with one or both parents. A good therapist reveals this by closely examining their personal history.

And so the presenting problem is redefined and broadened to a life issue--and the work begins. A therapist bears down with all the resources available to him or her. Insight is certainly one--for, as suggested above, there is much the client does not know about the depth and breadth of the problem. Just as important is the relationship between therapist and client. Simply put, the relationship must be real, meaningful, and deep. The client must learn to establish voice, and it must be appreciated by the therapist in a genuine way. For the therapy to be effective, the relationship will likely be different from every other one the client has had. Advice and encouragement, often seen as hallmarks of good therapy, are by themselves insufficient. To make headway, the therapist must partially fill the same void that the client was unconsciously hoping their lover would. The client must feel: "My therapist is someone who hears me, values me, gives me a 'place' where I feel real and significant."

Once the client feels certain of this, they can begin looking for partners using more realistic, adult criteria. And they can finally free themselves from people who chronically hurt them. In this way, the self-destructive, repetitive cycle is broken.

By Richard A. Grossman, Ph.D

Self-Preservation Under Narcissistic Abuse

I don't see how it can be so difficult for many people to see what is so wrong about denying a person (or any sentient creature) the right to use any means necessary to protect and defend themselves from abuse. All it takes is a little thought. And empathy. Just put yourself in the victim's place and then ask yourself how it would feel to have to bend over for it. More important, ask yourself what that would MEAN.

It's the MEANING in things that many people prefer to unsee.

There are many issues over which reasonable people may disagree, but this is not one of them. There is a right and wrong answer here. Those who prefer the wrong one just disregard all reasoning to the contrary with the old "Yes but...." That is invalid. Those people lose the argument hands down, because they don't have valid answers for their opponents' points.

I don't throw my pearls before swine, but here is an effort to explain for those who honestly haven't seen enough of life yet to understand but are willing to understand.

I warn you that this is an unpleasant subject.

Examples speak louder than words.

Why do you suppose that, until not so long ago, a convicted criminal in Europe had to approach his executioner, fall upon his knees before his executioner, and pay the executioner to torture him to death?

What sick mind dreamed up that idea?

If you research the topic, you will find a hundred details of execution rituals that drum on the same theme: in all, the victim (as he was called) was constrained by every means possible to OFFER HIMSELF UP (or to seem to be offering himself) to abuse. Why? Why did one have to kneel down before the executioner and lay his head on the chopping block in even the least cruel form of execution?

In Europe you didn't have the inalienable human right to pursue happiness. It could be taken away from you by the Church or State so you would have to pursue pain instead. That is why you had to give evidence against yourself. That is why you had to offer yourself to torture and execution. Refusal to would be a sin and a crime.

How's that for perverted?

You were declared "out law" (i.e., outside the protection of the law) and condemned to penal servitude. That is a fancy name for enslavement to serve as an object for someone else to punish with abuse. You had to surrender yourself to abuse for that other's "pleasure."

Think what that means. It means that you no longer belong to yourself. Think how it violates the instinct for self-preservation. It's an enforced self-masochism.

This is what our forefathers outlawed with the outlawing of "cruel and unusual punishment." France soon followed suit with the guillotine as a humane form of execution in which the the condemned did not have to offer himself to harm.

This is what rape is all about. It's not about sex: it's about power. Absolute power over another. The rapist demonstrates how powerful he is being on another by forcing the victim to offer herself to abuse. Well, he is deluding himself of course, because these are only copulatory reflexes and not the act of the victim's will. But this is why the victims of rape find it so degrading. It is the ultimate degradation.

Like medieval torturers, serial killers must lay awake nights dreaming up new ways to accomplish the same thing. Always the bottom line is the same though: demonstrate absolute power on the victim by somehow making the victim give themselves up to the abuse. It's the ultimate narcissistic high.

The black art of torture is all about this skill in making the victim offer himself (or seem to offer himself) to the instruments of torture. This is the aspect of torture that torments the victim so for the rest of his or her life.

When you cannot resist, you at least have the comfort of knowing that there was nothing you could do. But when you have the power to put up some resistance and don't - when you in effect say, "Here, take me and do what you will with me" - you feel like an abject worm.

The SHAME is unbearable. No exaggeration: it drives people to suicide.

For, what does it mean when a person accepts pain for another's pleasure? That goes against the instinct for self-preservation. So what happens to the victim's self? The victim no longer belongs to him- or her-self. The victim is possessed by the abuser. Like an arm or leg of his for him to use or abuse as he pleases.

It is the ultimate degradation. The victim ceases to exist as a person. No human being with the ability to resist and a spine will submit to it. You have to (morally) break a person's back to make them docilely submit to abuse.

So, for the sake of the victim's mental health, you must NEVER deny him or her the right to put up a fight.

Denying a person under any kind of assault this right is what theologians call the sin of "extreme perversity," otherwise known as the Sin of Sodom, which a certain kind of rape - RAPE, not sex - is symbolic.

It violates the laws of nature and the innate instinct for self-preservation. If the victim knuckles under to psuedo-moralistic pressure to not lift hand or voice in self defense, he or she will hate themselves and become a suicide risk. That is forcing people to commit the worst breech of faith there is - with one's very self. It's self-betrayal, what Joan of Arc called the "most wretched treason."

The victim NEEDS to know that he or she did what they could to resist their abuser! Don't EVER try to stop the victim from doing that!

Never, never, never preach prime-time morality at the victim making it a sin for him or her to yell right back at the abuser. Though yelling back may not be wise in all cases, it IS the victim's right. It at least lets him or her preserve self-respect through showing a backbone.

The same with any use of force. It is not a sin. It may not be wise in some cases, but it IS the victim's right. Only very recently has the word violence been used to describe the use of force in self defense. It isn't rightly (or legally) "violence" because it doesn't violate anything.

The same with resistance through divorcing the poor, little, sad and lonely narcissist, through abandoning the abuser, or through running away from home or skipping school. The victim has the right to self-preservation and the pursuit of happiness. Always.

If you really want to help, suggest better, more effective ways to resist. But don't ever just sit there and say, "Don't do this" and "Don't do that". Buzz off if that's all you have to say.

In fact, by making it evil for the victim to fight back or escape in any conceivable way, the holier-than-thous clamp the valves shut on a pressure cooker. Sooner or later something's gotta give. The victim WILL eventually snap. Then you have a suicide or homicide as a result. And the holier-than-thou bystanders who had persecuted the victim into docile submission with their immoral moralizing share a large part of the blame.

You can tell that the holier-than-thous are insincere. Pay attention to how much wind they spend on criticizing the abuser compared to how much wind they spend on criticizing the victim. You'll find the ratio is about 99:1.

They preface their remarks with something like, "Well there's is no excuse for what he did but..." and off they go on a faultfinding expedition.

When they're done, add up all the fault found. Who was found in? All fault found in the victim for fighting back. Not one word about what the abuser did.

They should be examining their own consciences, not the victim's, because what they are doing is very wrong and very, very damaging to an already abused victim. And they are serving the abuser, helping him to abuse and get away with it.

By Kathy Krajco

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

US Army Survival Manual

Was thinking of picking one up on Ebay, then it dawned on me it has to be there on dem der interwebz in PDF somewherez. Then I thought this might be of interest to some of you "fools" that like to be prepared and pay attention to those "stupid" debt figures or read (pfa!) "history."

Duly noted I have to print it out because if I need it, chances are there is no electricity to power my laptop to open said PDF file.

SNL Ronald Reagan

More for you uncultured youth who don't appreciate the rare bits of funny parts from SNL in the 80's.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ketogenic Diets & Fatty Liver

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:  NAFLD.  Along with diabetes, a disease on the rise in the US and around the globe where the obesity epidemic is rearing it's ugly head.  Near as I can tell, Peter/Hyperlipid subscribes to a "damaged liver" hypothesis of obesity and diabetes.  That the liver gets damaged, throws your insulin and glucose outta whack, and then you get fat.  There can be no doubt that damage to the liver is an integral part of the metabolic syndrome(s) and the insulin resistance that underlies it.  So the question is, do we take it seriously in all contexts?  Or do we try to explain away inconvenient results when it is one's favored advocated diet that might possibly be a culprit?

Sadly, Peter seems bound and determined to spin ever more far-fetched mechanisms with which to explain away inconvenient results.  Having nothing to do with fatty liver, Peter found himself unable to backtrack on his definitive statement that it was fasting insulin levels that determined fat loss.  So bad was the evidence to counter this that he had to resort to manipulating study data to make his point.    It seems where high fat rodent studies are concerned, Peter was hell bent on blaming transfatty acids.  Now I'm no fan of the transfat, and they are indeed evil doers in any body, but they can't be blamed for everything. Indeed one just needs to look around to find high fat rodent diets that are not high in transfats.  Enter the other bad guy by which we can dismiss inconvenient results ... veggie oil PUFA.   True, many high fat rodent diets are very high PUFA ... but there are many that are based on lard.  You know, the stuff us moist eyed female types should wallow in to enter the glories of Slimville via the Ketogenic Highway?!
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The League of Extraordinary Bloggers

I am on a extended weekend vacation, so the postage is not forth coming.

Thankfully we have the League of Extraordinary Bloggers that I can link to when I'm lazy...errr...looking to provide you with the same wit, intelligence and insight that I normally provide!

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