Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Legally Exact Your Toll of Revenge on the Left

The last chapter in my book "Enjoy the Decline" is titled "Revenge" and if there's a reason for you to buy the book, that chapter is it.  The reason why is that any Real American, any real independent individual who loves freedom and liberty is in a rather helpless position.  Since this (the United States and western civilization in general) is a democracy/republic we get a government forced on us by the majority, no matter how ignorant, no matter how stupid, and no matter how short-sighted.  And unless you're willing to resort to violence, tyranny, criminal, and other anti-democratic actions there is nothing you can do but sit and watch the left destroy the greatest thing that has ever happened to humankind. 

However, that is what the "Revenge" chapter in my book is about.  How exactly does one person get their revenge on the people who destroyed their lives, their country and their futures and not land in jail?  There are ways (ways you will have to read the book to find out), but one of them, after further contemplation, I realized was arguably the KEY way to get your revenge and deserves a more thorough flushing out.

Specifically, sex.

Before I go further let me state after thinking this through I am being deadly serious.  This is not hyperbole, this is not rhetoric, this is not for shock value.  This is what my logic, thought and contemplation (free of the restrictions of politically correct thought) has concluded.  And if you follow me through you may not agree with what I'm saying, but you'll at least understand and see some reason in it.

First, ask yourself what is the most important thing in life.  I've addressed this before and without a doubt it is other human beings.  I use the analogy of having the most advanced XBox 360, huge TV, etc. etc.  No matter how advanced, that video game is still finite.  It is still limited.  A human being, however, is not.  It is dynamic, it is sentient.  It is the most advanced, complex entity in the known universe and that is what makes another human more interesting and engaging than anything else.

Second, who are the most important humans in your life?  Children of course if you have them.  But without a spouse you (in theory) can't have them or at least have a decent and well-grounded family.  Therefore it is your life partner, the love of your life that is the most important thing in anyone's life.

Third, what is the greatest enjoyment you receive from your significant other?  Companionship, intellectual conversation, yes, these things are definitely very valuable, certainly mandatory requirements, but what sets apart the love of your life from just regular ole friends you have (who you also have compansionship and intellectual conversation with) is sex.

Fourth, what makes sex enjoyable?  The answer is simple if you ignore political correctness.  Physical attraction.  You need to be physically attracted to your partner, just as your partner has to be physically attracted to you.  And the more physically attractive each person is the better the sex is.  And the better the sex is the better a VERY important, if not MOST important aspect of your biological life is.

And it is here where you will exact your toll of revenge on the left.

Understand the left, typically, though not always, are uglier than those of us on the right.  This is not up for debate.  All one has to do is play the game I do while driving:

"How Ugly is the Person With the Liberal Bumper Sticker?"

If you don't believe me try playing the game yourself.  Any time you see a car with a leftist bumper sticker catch up to it and peer inside to see how "attractive" the occupant is.

You'll note two things:

1.  They are usually pretty ugly, certainly homely.
2.  They are never smiling.

The reason why leftists tend to be uglier is the same reason they are leftists - a deep-seeded fear and hatred of effort and competition.  ie- they are lazy.

To be physically attractive, just like a career or anything else worth doing in life, takes effort.  You need to work out, you need to run, you need to eat right, you need to dress right, and above all else, you need to have self-control and discipline.  You also have to be selfless to a certain extent, considering the preferences and tastes of others in order to prove appealing and attractive to them.  You may not like the maintenance required in having long hair, but you're not having long hair for you, you're having long hair for him.  You may not like lifting heavy blocks of metal repetitively as your brain atrophies, but you're not doing it for you, you're doing it for her.  In short you have to have a personal philosophy that is opposite of most leftists - hard work and altruism with your own resources.

Since these traits of effort, rigor, discipline, hard work, genuine selflessness and responsibility are antithetical to leftism, practitioners of leftism suffer the consequences.  Lower incomes, poorer degrees, poorer employment prospects, lower standards of living, etc.  However, just like every other aspect of their lives, they also suffer in the looks department, and consequently suffer a lower physical quality and caliber in their lovers.  And since the value and importance of sex is so high, they also suffer in this very key aspect of their lives.

Now while it may seem sophomoric and childish to say,

"Nanny nanny boo boo!  Your sex life sucks!  Ours rules!  We have a better life!"

and to suggest hotter people having better sex exacts a heavy toll of revenge on leftists, permit me some additional evidence that shows you, yes it really is that simple and YES, being hotter and having better sex REALLY IS a huge toll of revenge.  Namely, the great lengths leftists go to deny reality.

If you look at the left, their entire effective (not conscious) philosophy is to do as little work as possible and live off of other people as much as possible.  As a consequence to this laziness, they have to CONSTANTLY come up with new and innovative ways to rationalize taking other people's money and other people's success.  I even argue that it is a leftist's primary job to rationalize the theft of others production for without them, they would die.  Therefore you have the formations of "ists" and "victim classes" and the "rich doesn't pay their fair share" etc. etc.  Whatever the rationalization, none are based in the real world for the simple fact they can't be.  There is no rational, intellectually-honest or real-world-based argument for parasitism simply because parasitism is not viable.   Ergo the left has to constantly rationalize away reality to legitimize their existence.

However, while we normally focus on the left's herculean efforts to rationalize the confiscation of others' wealth, we do not pay as much attention to the equally-impressive intellectual acrobatics they perform to rationalize their non-real world reality in other aspects of their lives.  Specifically social, romantic and sexual.

All one has to do is look at the great and (literally) insane lengths feminism goes to destroy basic, simple facts about the sexes.
  • Men liking long legs, big boobs, long hair and tight asses (as they always have since the dawn of time and are genetically wired to) is misogynist, bigoted, and shallow.
  • Gender, despite obvious physical proof, is socially determined, not physically.
  • Women should NOT want to have children or stay at home.  They should be men...just as long as it doesn't require math or STEM classes....and it's SEXISM that explains the wage gap, not a lack of female engineering majors.
  • Women should not want to be beautiful for that is conforming to the patriarchy
and could there be a better example of denying reality than....
  • the fat acceptance movement?
The question is if sex and beauty are not so important, then why do feminists (and leftists in general) go out of their way to belittle, berate, and destroy what society over the eons have determined to be beautiful?  What do they care if a man is attracted to a big boobed blond?  What do they care if a woman is skinny?  Why is nearly 90% of feminist/women's studies focused on sex and sexuality?  And furthermore, why are they so vehement, outright emotionally enraged if you disagree with them and dare to say you like big boobs?

The answer is because they DO care about it.  They are merely coming up with rationalizations and reasonings because they are too weak to accept reality.  It's harder for them to psychologically accept and commit themselves to a life where they have to hit the treadmill (effort) and answer to others (selflessness) in society than one where they lie to themselves with malarkey like "fat acceptance" and other feminist claptrap excusing them to sit on their asses, work faux affirmative action jobs, commiserate with other equally physically revolting individuals, and never enjoy a great sex life.

In short, try as the left might to deny economic reality, social reality and sexual reality, they are living in a delusional world.  And no matter how much rhetoric they spew, deep down inside they know they are living a lie (as evidenced by their emotional reaction to any criticism) and cannot deny their basic sexual nature and desires.

It is here, however, where you can extract your revenge.

While their fear of a life of toil, effort, rigor, work, competition, risk and achievement paralyzes them from enjoying life, you and every other conservative, libertarian, and Real American owe it to yourselves to ENJOY LIFE TO ITS MAXIMUM.  Go out, try, fail, try again, fail again, try again, succeed, excel, dominate, enjoy, progress, and evolve.  Become an interesting person with interesting hobbies and live a unique life they will never live because they're too busy conforming drinking organic coffee with their Apple laptop and skinny jeans.  But beyond that, the single largest bit of revenge you can extract from the left is by simply playing on their basic carnal darwinistic sexual desires.

Stay in shape and have a hot wife/husband.

Look sharp in public to the point you turn people's heads.

Spank your girlfriend's tight little ass in public announcing to any leftists in view

"I'm going to hit that later tonight and you aren't and never will."

Rub it in their faces every day with achieving great things, the most piercing of which is having a physically attractive partner, the likes of which they never will enjoy.

That is how you exact your toll of revenge on the left.

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