Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eating more fat ... Why where ever did anyone get that from?

I received a link to this interesting post by Zoe Harcombe in the Inbox the other day:  What's this 'trying to eat more fat'?!  Zoe writes:
Hi all - I've spotted a couple of comments from people saying that they're trying to eat more fat and the second one got me worried enough to start a thread. ...
The Harcombe Diet is a diet based on a 5 day Phase 1 which is mostly meats and veggies (unless you are, as Zoe was for 15 years, a vegetarian, then you can substitute some brown rice, which makes no sense from a protein standpoint, but whatever).  Once you've cured your candida overgrowth which is one of the  prime reasons for obesity according to Harcombe, you move to other phases of the diet.  Harcombe believes in the separation of fats and carbs at meals on a metabolic "food combining" basis.  You don't want to eat carbs with fat because ... well ... the insulin!  Despite negativity about low fat diets, Harcombe counsels food separation and that you should basically eat low carb or low fat at any individual meal.  But she admits:
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