Saturday, April 20, 2013

Went to College to be a Stay at Home Mom

I understand that society, the school system, and all of the media drills it into young women's heads that they need to have a career.  Some elements of society even shame women for daring to want to be a stay at home mother.  However, all of this social engineering will never override biology and most women will answer nature's call to have children.  Unfortunately, though, we put women at a great disadvantage practically forcing them to get college degrees, go into debt for those degrees, waste years of their youth pursuing them, only to never use it.

This isn't to say that women shouldn't pursue careers, or shouldn't attend college, or that we're the evil patriarchy glass ceiling, pay gap blah blah blah.  It's a request that we at least acknowledge women's tendency to want to have children and when raising young girls to explain that there's nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom, just as there is nothing wrong with becoming a neurosurgeon.  The amount of time and money saved would be of great benefit to millions of young women. 

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