Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eye Candy and Underpants Gnomes

The Underpants Gnomes, if you don't know them is well...here look for yourself:

Obvious it doesn't make sense, which is why South Park is the funniest cartoon ever.

However, something very similar to the UNderpants Gnomes' profit strategy occurs with men.  Specifically, eye candy.  Why do hot attractive women trigger men to spend money?  Ergo, with the help of a kind reader we will test the Eye Candy/Underpants Gnomes profit strategy.

Stage 1 - Desire money to purchase new high quality microphone for podcast

Stage 2 -

Stage 3 - Profit off of increased sales to men of Enjoy the Decline and Amazon sales.

I am, however, reliably informed that if young Amy's pics do help with sales she is not necessarily against providing new ones.

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