Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dirty, Sloppy Linkage

Wow, who knew she'd end up as a worthless academian bureaucrat!?

Maureen Dowd is HOT!  You're just an ageist, sexist, bigot who's intimidated by a strong, independent woman!

Ahhh, yes, "The Healthy Penis!"  That'll make our enemies quiver in their boots and think twice about taking us over!

Dude, that's pretty freaking manly. I'd like to see a liberal arts major do that.

Your morning NSFW funny ha ha.

My children will never grow up with yours as I refuse to bring them into this world with your genetic excrement running feral and rampant.

Hmmmm....dominance trumps sexuality and sexual preference.  Veeeeerrry interesting.

And just when my X Box breaks AND the repair kit doesn't work.  Curse you Aurini!!!!!!

But math is tough!

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