Monday, April 22, 2013

How Robotech Caused Terrorism

I guess I'm going semi-viral.

Don't know how this happened, but I am now the #3 result if you search for the Boston terrorists on Youtube.

This has resulted in a flood of the most worthless, brainless, but still-think-they're-geniuses college brats, as well as some angry radical muslims, spewing the most mind-numbing bullsh$t you'll ever see.

JOIN THE FORAY!!!  It's fun!

I've (according to my comment policy) have cleaned it up a bit, but there are still some amazing comments that get through.

Here you go:

Oh, and let's see if "Cappy Gets Results"

Let's like this one up a bit here, eh?

Post Post - Oh honest to god people.  Have NONE OF YOU SEEN DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS?????


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