Saturday, April 20, 2013

The League of Ohio Valley Bloggers

Glorious Karl visited me a month or so ago and told me about his ragtag band of Ohio Valley bloggers.  I finally am getting around to introducing them for this weekends "Lazy Day Linkage."

Nice Deb is one of the better aggregator sites I've seen.  Looks like she updates it faster than Drudge does his.

Interesting.  I've been to that mine in my great Utah hike.

Karon Wright, enjoy the unemployment line.  I'll say it again, the majority of teachers are not the holy, innocent, pure people you assume them to be.

It only took 45 years to kill this idiotic government program.  Which is why I have no faith in the future.

And the Conservative Sociologists makes some keen observations about people who drink at her bar, their employment status and their varying levels of stupidity.

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