Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Origins of the SWPL People

"They used to say establishment, but as the ascendant taste maker group, they are the establishment so they say 'privilege'. By not being an organic setting, they are in effect buying into a subculture that is already packaged and marketed to them. They may think they are creative and unique, but they are just following the built in norms for their distinct group."

I would also remind people about how I said SWPL's have economic applications, specifically, they and their behaviors are VERY useful in predicting bubbles, like sayyyyyy....the 401k????

Oh, and you might be asking,

"Hey Captain!  Using SWPL's to predict economic bubbles is pretty witty and clever.  What other witty and clever observations have you had and where can I read about such great and insightful epiphanies!?"

Well happy reader, you just have to buy your copy of "Top Shelf!"

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