Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Zombie Feminist

Note - this is a serious post despite the title.  This is also a NOT a post about politics as much as it is about psychology.  The reader would benefit most from trying to set aside politics while reading this and treat it more as a clinical study in psychology rather than a mockery of feminism or leftist politics.

The more I sit and think about this, the more I realize I'm on to something AND I do not like it.

The "liberal zombie."

The title may get a chuckle, but if you think this through the consequences are very dire, arguably the single largest threat western civilization faces.

In short, how do you reason or rationalize with somebody whose mental capacity has been compromised or impaired?  How to you explain or convey a person is wrong when they have a veritable mental disease that prevents their minds from even entertaining the fact they might be wrong.  Not to provide a personal anecdote, but to make a very clear point, my brother has been an alcoholic since the 5th grade.  After being requested to drive him to the airport this last Christmas, it was impossible to deal with him because he has suffered literal brain damage to the point he can no longer retain commands or maintain his short term memory.  You could tell him not to light up the pot in the car, at which point he'd obey your command, only to try to re-light it 3 minutes later.  It's not that they disagree with you, it's that their brains have been compromised to the point they're not capable of it, and are only responding to a brainstem level of instinct.

Enter the liberal zombie.

I truly believe that after K-Grad school education, the human brain is so indoctrinated and steeped in leftist thought they are mentally impaired and incapable off;

independent thought
critical thinking
intellectual honesty
open mindedness
admitting being wrong or in error

And with a compliant media, government, and society, this mental disease remains thoroughly ensconced in their psyches into adulthood.  But what makes it worse is there is usually a violent (though mindless) reaction.  An emotional and visceral response to anyone or anything that dares to suggest they or their ideology is wrong.

For example, compare and contrast these two clips.

This is what a feminist looks like.

This is what a zombie that wants to kill Will Smith looks like.

Precisely how do their psychologies differ?

Will Smith's character (if I remember the movie right) tried to reason with the zombies saying he could cure them.

They wanted none of it.

The MRA in the other video wanted to have a calm discussion.

The feminist wanted none of it.

But worse, both became agitated and (at minimum) angry.  So angry in fact it becomes VERY obvious there is no point in trying to reason with them.  They lack the mental capacity to reason.

In other words, I fear there will come the point (if we're not there already) that trying to reason with anybody on the left will not only be impossible, but they are so indoctrinated to hate the right (or anybody who disagrees with them), they will become violent and dangerous.  And since they are so far gone that they can no longer be engaged with reason, logic, thought, intelligence or discussion, it will unfortunately force "non-leftists" with only one alternative - physical force. 

Ergo it is perhaps best for the left at least try to practice what they preach and be open-minded.

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