Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inducing Shock In The Matriarchy

I did a seminar recently at the U of MN Duluth.  It was my "Why Gen Y is Completely, Totally and Hopelessly Screwed" seminar.  And while admittedly the seminar is not the politest or most adroit speech, when it came to the "What were you told you SHOULD like in the opposite sex" portion of the lecture, an interesting thing happened.  I asked the young men in the audience what they found attractive in a woman.  Not what they were told to like, but what they in fact did like.

Not one of them answered.

OH, they KNEW the answers, their sheepish faces and smirks gave that away, but they couldn't answer for they feared what the repercussions would be.

Observing this phenomeon right in front of me, I took the opportunity to point out something so sad, but so very true.  I said

"My god, look at how brainwashed they have you guys.  You can't even speak the truth."

I then bellowed out the truth,

"Ladies, we like big boobs, long legs, and tight asses!"

If I read the room right it was almost as if they were saying, "Wow!  He said it!"

Now, instigation aside, the reason I bring this up is because it highlights a very important aspect of this whole battle against feminism.  And that is just how successful the left and feminists have been at outlawing independent thought and replacing it with their own politically approved thought.  So intimidated are men and women they cannot speak bluntly and truthfully about the opposite sex.

Of course I view the truth as an absolute.  Something that cannot be ignored. Something that is arguably the epitome of morality to adhere to.  But if I were to say,

"The law of gravity states that mass will attract other mass"

there is no repercussions for speaking this truth.

But if I point out a truth that runs contrary to the approved speech code or the goals of leftism and feminism, no matter how true:

"Men like big boobs, long legs, long hair and tight asses!"

then all manner of social, political and romantic hell will be unleashed.

Of course it should never have gotten to this point.  The point you cannot candidly and bluntly speak truths.  But it did and the way we got here was via Overton's Window, the political theory where you slowly move the political debate further and further in one direction, but so slowly nobody notices it.  40 years ago you could scoff at the idea of lowering standards for women in protective services, now that's sexist.  40 years ago you could point out women are poorer at math (duly noted that the bell distribution curve is flatter) and logic.  You are once again a sexist.  And 40 years ago you could make jokes about women drivers.  Now, even though they get in more accidents per miles driven, you are once again, a sexist.

However, while the original 70's feminists may have known full well what they were doing, and today may feign umbrage dare you speak a truth about the sexes, the successive generations of feminists and young women have not had that vantage point.  Quite the opposite, actually. They've been brought up in a completely female-centric and myopic environment, and have grown accustomed to having society bend over backwards to avoid speaking the uncomfortable truths about the sexes.  So much so that when a truth like

"Men like big boobs, long legs, long hair, and tight asses"

is uttered they are not just insulted, but enraged.

"HOW DARE somebody say that!?"

"Yeah, but it's true!"


It's this violent (or at least strong) reaction in combination with social, political, romantic AND CAREER costs/threats that is what keeps most men (and women) from speaking truthfully about feminism.  But there is a problem with this strategy.  Overton's Window can only be moved so far in one direction before it is so divergent from reality and truth that society starts to crack and there are real and severe social, economic and financial costs.  And we are at that threshold now.  And not only are we bearing the costs (unemployment, government debt, dysfunctional children, etc.) those costs outweigh the costs for pointing out the emperor has no clothes, especially for young men.

Understand if you take the average young man today and look at his prospects in terms of

and Career (otherwise "Economic")

in this society, what precisely does he have?

Socially speaking he already has friends and this one, though important, aspect of his life is inoculated against the forces of leftism and feminism.

Politically, nothing.  All political emphasis is on women and women's problems.  Government spending disproportiontely goes to women and women are still considered a victim class.

Romantically, the average western male has a lousy selection in women as women were brought up to be men, not women.  And any woman who dares to say, "Yes, I'd like to have children and a family some day, and I like men and I want to be beautiful" is immediately shamed by feminists and the left.

Economically,  your average young man has no hope and no chance at a successful financial life.  THe economy is stagnant, unemployment is disproportionately high for young males and the economy, forever more being progressively dictated by the public sector, is becoming hostile to traditional male-employing industries.

In short, your average young man has nothing, meaning society is no longer able to provide for and support one half of the society.  And with nothing left to lose, there are no costs, for speaking the truth.  With no hope, no future, and no money, all the shaming, threats, and NARCing of feminism rings hallow as they no longer have any teeth.  There is nothing you can take from these men.

It is here that the movement back to reality will not be as slow and meditated as the feminists' original nudging of Overton's Window.  It will be lightning speed compared to the past 4 decades.  Men (and women) will shed the annoying, if not, impossible-to-adhere-to political correctness about the sexes and will realize life is too short to keep up the charade.  Men will realize their sanity and love lives are more important than keep eggshell-fragile feminists' feelings in tact.  Men, who never had anything to begin with, will wonder why their fathers and grandfathers adhere to "obsolete feminist morals" and instead will see no cost or consequence in being men, and will instead lay down the law in their relationships and be the man.  Women too will be sick of being shamed about "wanting to have a husband and children" and will find nothing wrong with wanting a family, let alone wearing dresses and wanting to be beautiful.

The problem for feminism will be the abruptness of it all.  Already you can see this in feminist responses to Manosphere posts, not to mention the shock and awe that their Patron Saint Adria Richards was actually fired.  They cannot believe (since they are inured in the brainwashing that they are the victim and the "patriarchy" is oppressing them) men, let alone ANY man would say such things or do such things.  Didn't they get the memo?  Didn't they get the brainwashing in school?  We were told that was very very BAD and MEAN to say those things in the 3rd grade no matter how truthful it may be.  The shock on their internet-metaphorical faces is priceless.

The problem for them is that reality is reality.  Truth is truth.  And when there's no cost or consequence for speaking the truth, they're going to find out just how flawed and erroneous their much-coveted religion of feminism really is.  And no amount of angry, screeching or accusations of misogyny is going to stop it.

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