Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chronic Regulation Addiction

Chronic Regulation Addiction (CRA) is a disease that infects (mostly) leftists and wreaks havoc on society.

Specifically, it is when a leftist in the form of a bureaucrat, regulator or politician simply cannot stop making new laws.

The disease manifests itself when the host gets addicted to its ego.  He or she fails to acknowledge or accept that there is such a thing as "enough law" and instead insists on making new laws and regulations, not for the benefit of society, but rather to stoke their ego.

A person with CRA typically has no other real world experience, skills or purpose in life and naturally gravitates towards government, regulation or non-profits.  However, there is a natural point where additional codification, law and regulation no longer provides a benefit to society and further decisions should give way to common sense, leadership, and human thought.  Again, this sort of genuine statesmenship never occurs to the person infected with CRA.

Some governmental organizations fight CRA.  For example the Texas State Legislature which meets only once every two years.  Unfortunately most don't.

Mayor Bloomberg, on the municipal level, is infected with CRA his law-making goes so far as to tell people how much soda they can drink.

The "Forest Stewardship Council," an international organization that tries to standardize forestry standards across various countries' DNR-equivalents is increasing their "certification" standard to include 350+ NEW standards 25% of which are contradictory (this from an inside source who was the inspiration for this post).

And how many principals do we know that substitute "zero-tolerance" policies for genuine leadership, resulting in expulsions over pop-tarts eaten in the shape of a gun or a kid playing "Save the World"

Nearly every career-politician is infected with CRA and continues to make unnecessary laws which only slow down and further (though microscopically) erode societal freedoms. 

If you want to stop CRA vote for term limits and a constitutional limit on the number of years people can serve in public office at all levels as well as limit the number of years one can work in the public sector.

This has been a public service announcement from Cappy Cap.

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