Friday, April 19, 2013

The Old Can Fight Us or Work With Us

In my latest podcast I mentioned this - how elder people in general do NOT help younger people as you would think they would.

Matter of fact, I've found older people to not only NOT want to help younger people, but obstruct their progress AND take advantage of them.  This ranges from obvious things such as the entire education industry (where older people vampirically feed off of younger people) to business "partners" screwing over their younger partners to bosses refusing to do any grooming, training, or mentoring. 

Again, if you step back and ask yourself,

"Have any of my elders really helped guide, lead, mentor and help me in my endeavors?"

The answer is not only "no" but also "they have been antagonistic, obstructionist, even against us."

Understand I don't say this as a younger entitled "woe is me, every one is against me," but this HAS been my observation.  Contrary to what you would think elders in a society would do (help the younger generations to become successful) I've found they are more against younger people, at minimum indifferent, and at worst taking-advantage of.

Thus when a reader sent me this article, two things stuck out.

1.  The elders in this young man's profession had not interest, nor time to guide him or help him in his research.

2.  His elders were also WRONG indicating they were manipulating the data for political gain at the expense of future generations. 

The lesson to pull from this for younger people is to realize just how alone you are.  Not in a social sense, but in a life-leading and guiding sense.  NOBODY is here to help you.  Nobody is here to lead you.  Matter of fact, most people are here to take advantage of you.  And the only way out of this mess is going to be through your own self-teaching, self-guidance, logic, and self-upbringing.

Yes, it would have been nice to have elders in society guide and lead you.

Yes, it would have been nice to have your elders be good stewards of the country, and groom you to one day take over and continue its progress, advancement and attainment of excellence.

Yes, these things would have been nice.

But unfortunately you are faced with a leaderless society forcing that role upon your unprepared self.

For the first time in US history the phrase:

"Don't trust anybody over 30 man!"

actually has merit.

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