Thursday, April 11, 2013

Linkage of Manliness

IOTW gets elected...though he was unopposed.  I will be entering politics shortly myself fully intending never to get elected, but we're going to stir things up a bit.

Work is more important than your children or family.  Ignore this woman. She knows not of what she speaks.

I am not necessarily against suicide.  It can be arguably the only option.  However, usually it isn't.  There's usually a ton of more and better stuff to do.

You don't have to worry about North Korea....unless you live in Hawaii.

It's because feminists love marxism even more than they do women.

It's for the chilllllldrennnnnnnn...

Some basic home safety tips from Ed.  This is one of those things you can do while you wait for summer weather to get here.

Man the hamsters are running fast on this one.

Fact! Men like long hair.  Fact!  You don't convince them of this otherwise.

How miserable is a person who has absolutely nothing else going on in her life that she comes up with a concept of "racist hair?"  Pretty f#cking miserable I'd have to say.

I mentioned this before about labor force participation rates.  Perhaps the youth are enjoying the decline...that or there's no jobs out there for them.

Ask a Cuban about Cuba.  Not a rapper thug and a harlot.

The 70's sucked.  The culture, the music, the fashion, and the economy.  But don't tell Paul Krugman that.

Why you absolutely must see a girl without her make up.

Marriage is "rent seeking hell."  Which is again why you need to get ripped and get in shape.

And what "Linkage of Manliness" would be complete without a pretty dame plugging Enjoy the Decline?

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