Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Matter of Control


Original Publication 12/10/2011

It seems to me that many people misinterpret -- at least in their minds -- the meaning of this word when it is used in the scientific context.   While most of those no doubt understand the concept, after hearing the term enough, it just seems it comes to mean something else to them after a while.  I submit as evidence, statements made by two popular bloggers.  

First up, J. Stanton at with How “Heart-Healthy Whole Grains” Make Us Fat.   Wait!!  Did you click that link already?  I forgot to caution you that the post you are about to read contains science, so you might want to proceed with caution.  < / sarcasm > .  Anyway, the study he discusses in that post is:  High Glycemic Index Foods, Overeating, and Obesity.  Stanton prefaces his discussion with the following:
Yes, I admit to a degree of hyperbole—but this study is so well instrumented and controlled, and its results so informative, that I believe it’s important for everyone to read it.
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