Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ladies Night Linkage

Why, we love the Ladies of Cappy Cap, right?  Well then why don't you show them a little link love and visit them.

We start off with a new reader who sent in a picture of her enjoying the decline.

I like the dog/rat/whatever it is.

And now the linkage love:

The Sexual Division of Labor - I'll say it again for the cheap seats - it is NOT coincidental that the majority of marriages was where one person stayed home and the other worked.  It was a naturally forming sociological phenomenon and therefore there were very strong forces behind it and good reason for it.  Tamper with it at your own (or society's) expense.

Children are not yours.  They are the state's.  You will obey.  You will conform.

Why I'm a libertarian.

But math is tough.  And I'm not good at math.  And men are evil and I don't like gravity and I shouldn't have to drink water to survive.

Worthless women majoring in worthless subjects using academia and government to extract preferred treatment by society either via taxation or status and prestige.  Again, the majority of problems are caused by liberal arts majors.

If you really want revenge on leftists and feminists, then keep yourself in shape for your woman and keep yourself in shape for your man.  Because leftists, in general, will never be as physically atttractive as their conservative counterparts AND (no matter what feminists say) sex and sexual pleasure is one of the best experiences in life.  So hit the gym, hit the treadmill and stop making excuses.

When you start acting as men, acting as equals, we will treat you as such. In the meantime, since you act like children, we will treat you like children.

You young idiots voted for this moron and now you will suffer the consequences.

Chewed bubble gum.

They want what they can't have and don't want what they can have.  I'm glad my 20's are over.

You will visit the Life of Liz!  I command you!  Obey damn you!  Obey!!!!

I remember trying to score my way into a girl's pants by helping her with her math.  I was a freshman, she was a junior.  It got me nowhere.  With this hindsight of knowledge, I now instruct all young men and boys that the next time some girl wants "help with math" you tell her "hey, isn't the entire state, federal and local government paying billions of unneeded tutors, teachers, and academians to help you chicks catch up with us boys in mathematics?  Go hit them up for help.  I'm too busy playing Modern Warfare 3."

We don't need no STIIINKING western culture!

Some outstanding advice for daughters.

I am for coupon clipping.  Until it affects your life so much you expend more in labor/time that rationalizes the cost savings.  There is a psychological disease with those women.  Perhaps something along the lines they can't produce anything of value and therefore go the other route and try to save as much money as possible, losing the larger picture that they waste $10 in resources saving a dollar in expense.

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