Sunday, April 14, 2013

Regret Having Children

Sunshine Mary has a post over here that triggered my little Google Trend searching:

What I love about this is that children (as well as divorce) is usually the first REAL challenge today's modern adult-children face in their lives.  Understand the average American youth is shielded from the harsh realities of life with parental or governmental money well into their late 20's, even 30's.  But once they have a child or get a divorce, there's no amount of government money, programs, or societal ass-kissing that can shield them from the consequences.  And thus, when their cushy life runs head on into the crushing realities of rearing/raising a child, they have buyer's remorse.  Thus, the trend upward in people searching for others who have search "regret having children" so they can forgive themselves for not wanting to raise their own children because...well, like...children are *whinny tone* "sooo haaaaard!"

Enjoy the decline!

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