Monday, March 4, 2013

Warren Buffet's Magic is Gone

Every year I get to loathe and dread the annual updating of my financial classes.  I hate it even more than doing taxes, because I get to wait for the IRS/Congress to get their act together and update things like contribution limits for IRA's, 401k's, etc. Then I painstakingly go through my classes, updating each and every number and statistic so it is currently up to date.  The whole thing takes about 2 days and given how streamlined and bachelorized-efficient my life is, you can understand how 2 days of real work puts me in a fowl mood.

In addition, however, to basic contribution limits, tax law etc., I also have to update charts.  These needn't be updated every year, but invariably they get stale and I have to update them.  These charts include dividend yield ratios, the S&P 500 P/E ratio and so forth.  But another one I update is Berkshire Hathaway's performance chart.  This makes me revisit how the democrat's favorite businessman is doing and since I started teaching classes, I've noticed something about Warren-

He's losing his touch.

In the past he RARELY lost to the index, I believe only providing poorer returns than the S&P 500 for three years in three decades.  This earned him fame among academians and professors who could only study, but never replicate his performance.  But the past 10 years, his performance has been anything but "Berkshire Hathaway-eqsue."  He loses just as much as he wins, which adds further proof to my theory that whatever advantage he had, has been lost or whittled away by institutional investors and the market.

But don't let that stop leftists politicians from citing him every time they need other people's money.

Enjoy the decline, Warren!

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