Saturday, March 16, 2013

RCT or Observational Study or Anecdote -- Define Paleo first!

Well, I might as well weigh in on the post of Robb's that got to me on several levels.

Evidence Based Medicine: Fraud, Double Standards And Ignorance

Robb seems upset that some unnamed Twitter adversary who probably got him riled up linking to a piece on Marlene Zuk's Paleo Fantasies book.  The response to this book has been interesting to watch but boils down to "she's all wrong, it's not about re-enactment".   Well blow me down isn't that exactly what the whole Grok thing is? I Caveman?  Some in paleo definitely take that schtick to a greater degree.  But what of the diet?

Can I ask yet again for a definition of what a paleo diet is?  The Paleo Diet (TM Cordain) used to include canola oil ....   Near as I can tell, paleo = grain free.  All else is negotiable.  Dairy?  Grok could have killed a lactating beast so ...  Eat meat morning, noon and night, or just night and by all means eat a lot of fat ... just make sure it's from a grass fed cow.  I mean come on, if there is stereotyping about what the paleo diet is, the paleo peeps have only themselves to blame.  And if there's laughing at their expense, it's only because it is utterly ridiculous to make paleo ice cream and consider putting a stick of butter in your coffee to enjoy with a brick of dark chocolate somehow righteous and evolutionary and really that much different than a home baked chocolate cake or, non-God forbid, a Twinkie. 
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