Friday, March 8, 2013

Still More Calories ... And a rant :-)

Probably the most annoying calorie discussion I'd come across recently has to be Stefani Ruper's discussion about this article in Science Magazine, Have We Been Miscounting Calories?, entitled They’re Still Doing It Wrong: Have We Been Miscounting Calories?  Read the article first and then Stefani's take.  I sort of wish I had to know if her take came off as badly in that order, but you can't undo.  

From the article:
In a wide-ranging discussion of how food is digested in everything from humans to rats to pythons, the panel reviewed a new spate of studies showing that foods are processed differently as they move from our gullet to our guts and beyond. They agreed that net caloric counts for many foods are flawed because they don't take into account the energy used to digest food; the bite that oral and gut bacteria take out of various foods; or the properties of different foods themselves that speed up or slow down their journey through the intestines, such as whether they are cooked or resistant to digestion.
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