Monday, March 11, 2013

Academian Rationalization Hamster

I'm beginning to believe, heck, I KNOW now that women will use their rationalization hamsters not just for romantic/social purposes, but pretty much anything.  The latest seeming to be they're using it to rationalize their desire to major in a subject that requires no math and is nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized hobby...errr..."the liberal arts."

So here's the latest.  Another 20 something girl with a blog who offers nothing to society but her witticisms, but has no problem consuming the production and labor of men and STEM majoring women in the form of

the internet
Apple products
and..well...pretty much everything else.

In short she is saying, "I want to get paid to major in bunnies and flowers and I want the REST OF YOU to do all the work...Oh, and don't you DARE say I'm not an independent woman or stupid or immature!  I have moxie!  Didn't you read my latest column!?"

The Academian Hamster is strong with this one.

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