Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When CSR Infects a Corporation

From an agent in the field:

The company (Origin Energy) continues to pay their employees their full wages, but rather than doing accounting, admin or maintenance for the company, they're released to plant saplings, ladle out soup, and counsel troubled 'yoof' for the charity organisation of the employee's choosing. This "charity leave" is provided in addition to the employees annual leave. The only possible way it could make for good business is if consumers were so impressed with Origin's squeaky clean social conscience, that they'd choose to forgo a cheaper energy provider to make the world a kinder, friendlier place....bahahaha....God, are we proles really that stupid? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that. In any case, I'm pretty sure Origin isn't pushing that angle with their customers, they're pretty quiet about it actually, rather it seems to be a recruiting lure, it's hinted at here:


I can't see why they wouldn't just offer their favoured charities discounted electricity and be done with it - seems far less economically destructive to my uneducated mind.

CSR is a disease. 

Let there be no doubt about it.

It just happens to infect corporations and not people.

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