Friday, March 15, 2013

Coffee Boxer Short Linkage

Starting this Friday off right with coffee, boxer shorts and a T-shirt, and a hot roaring fire in the fireplace.  Let's get to work!

Ah feminists.  Fighting against nature and ruining everybody's good time in the process.

AR15's are only for the spouses of liberals.  You conservative neanderthals can't have one.

A member of the League of Unemployable Bloggers thanks god that we don't have an oppressive, invasive and brainwashed employer class that thinks your political beliefs or personal life is their business.  Thank god!

Even the STEM majoring women (which I am very "pro") still can't stop that nagging desire to be (GASP!) women!  Again, feminism has certainly hurt men.  But it has hurt women more.

The father could not be reached for comment.

But the important question was whether he was an aspiring rap artist?

Sting Ray writes about chivalry.

A real quick history about Ceasar and power.

What if your Nanny is actually a Thug.

Nearly a dozen billboard-sized photos of vaginas in various states – including shaved ones, others that are blemished, and still some with tampons inserted – are slated for display today and tomorrow at the University of Cincinnati.  Where or where could we cut the budget?

Associates in STEM > PhD in Humanities

When "liberal, white guilt" trumps your kids.

And just so you know, boys, you shouldn't rape women.  That's "a bad."  Thank god we have a Masters in English telling us this important lesson.  Because beforehand I was a little unclear about whether or not I should be raping women.  Cripes, do liberal arts majors EVER do ANYTHING of value????

You go to Harvard for connections, not to learn anything.

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