Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zohan III

I just realized that Robb posted a few comments on this post on his blog. My stalker (Google+ Circle Paul Jaminet, Richard Nikoley, Stefani Ruper, Jimmy Moore) that he's buddying up with didn't link to it. So anyway, in this post I will respond to some of what he said. I'll save the email exchange we had about the KKKrap for a near-future post.  I'd rather not share it, but that ball is entirely in Robb's court.   I'm kinda thinking that if/when I do, if there's still time, the "down in participation" cruise will have even smaller representation.  (Aside:  There are still tickets available to PaleoFX and even giveaway contests ... perhaps the community needs to ask itself why.)

So, Melissa called Robb on his assertion that I "drug him into" the whole Jack Kruse thing.  This would be laughable were it not such a maddening flat out lie.  In the exchange Melissa brought up the fact that Jimmy is once again doing a 6-day fast.  Here is Robb's response:

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