Thursday, March 28, 2013

The BE&HM Series ~ Part VII: Chemical Reactions

It's been a while here, and I'd really rather move forward on some other topics, but I had most of this already in the "hopper" and wish to refer to it in a coming post on calories, so a couple of shorties here.  Also since it's been a while, here are links to the other posts in this series (in order): Biophysical Electrochemistry and Human MetabolismPart II: Atoms & The Periodic TablePart III: The Main Group Elements, The Octet Rule and IonsPart IV:  Ionic Compounds, Elements & Oxidation State DefinedPart V:  Covalent Bonding & MoleculesPart VI: Electron "Ownership" & Polarity.

Most of this is copied from another post here at the Asylum, so if it seems familiar to any regular readers, that's why.  I'm going to be using the combustion of methane as an example in the next post on oxidation, so I might as well use it as an example here.  

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