Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Who's the Private Economist Who's a Salsa Machine to All the Ladies?"


It's "Shaft Themed Linkage" today!

Hey, works sucks, but don't let us stop you ladies from climbing that career.

Ace of Spades enjoys the decline! (though it's nestled in there)

You get what you deserve and we're laughing our asses off at you.

 Adria Richards continues to help improve the reputation of nazis...errr..bitches..errr..both...errr..."feminists."

The fact American's who hate their country and themselves so much that this is even a debate is why I enjoy the decline.  And if Americans, specifically American women (yes, I am singling you out because of voting patterns) can't understand why the rest of us here can't afford to pay for EVERYBODY'S HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD, then the 19th amendment deserves serious reconsideration.

It's a scam and a racket people.  Education was NEVER intended to help the students, just the professors.

What's missing from this article?

 Tam hits 6 million!

This is why you just pass all students with B's and give the students who try A's.  Trust me, that's how you keep your job in academia, and besides, most kids don't learn anything and don't want to learn anything.  Make it work for you.

Or, ORRR, just don't have kids in the first place.

Bars prove to be a better place to meet your future spouse than church.  BAR TRUMPS CHURCH!

Widowed Alpha Females  (a good read, especially the observation about how television shows have changed for women in the past decade)

How do you fight such stupidity?

"If 50% of companies were ran by women and 50% of men stayed at home, then we'd have true equality."  And equal misery and a fraction of our productive capacity and a country ripe for being taken over by our enemies.  But hey, at least the feminists will be happy!

But we own the blacks!  And we own the poor!  They're our bitches and their lifestyles be damned!  We need to pay back the teachers unions whose money keeps us in power!

This is why I want a bartender as a mom and not a sociologist professor.  I would come 2nd, 3rd or 4th in terms of importance to the sociologist professor and 1st in the life of my bartender mom.

I will explain "The Rule of Chores" again.  Whoever has the lowest standards of cleanliness THAT STILL IS ACCEPTABLE AND CONSIDERED HYGIENIC, is the one who does the least amount of chores.  If somebody else wants standards of cleanliness HIGHER than that standard, then that person will do all the extra work necessary to clean to that level.  So (as typically is the case) if the husband cleans to his bachelor pad level (the environment of which he survived just fine in with no medical complications) and the wife wants a cleaner standard, then the wife can clean till her heart's content.

Free Northerner also does an excellent job dissecting government and GDP figures.

Finally, our sponsor, GLORIOUS KARL!  Who visited me recently and we had cigars.  But in Soviet America CIGARS SMOKE YOU!


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