Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm going to make this short here.  It is not bullying anyone to say ones piece regarding the generally accepted inappropriateness of associating with or doing business with white supremacists, exposed scammers, proud misogynists, racists, anti-religious bigots, etc.  In the case of Robb, I was trying to inform him of the full details vis a vis Jimmy Moore.  He chose to do with that information what he did.

Everyone in the Incestral Health Community knows what Nikoley has done and has condemned it in private. Many have written it off to alcoholic psychosis.  They don't know "what's gotten into him".  But then they don't like to get involved in these sort of things because it might inconvenience them or whatever, and they do/did nothing.  

One might have hoped that Nikoley could keep his resolution to stay out of it.  Robb Wolf and my interactions are none of your business Richard.  Yet he has once again gone on a c*nt-filled rant against Melissa and myself.  If anyone reads the Zohan posts and thinks I was bullying Robb or stalking him, well, to use Robb's favorite expression that started this all, you lack reading comprehension skills.

But devout Catholic and Perfect Health Diet book author Paul Jaminet has, along with Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf (and likely others) in linking to and thus legitimizing Nikoley in this community.  This should be unacceptable.  Imagine if each of you will, this were a woman in your life.  How about it Paul?  Shou Ching? What does she think of all of this.  Speaking of which ... She is the one with the relevant scholarly chops here, why do we never hear from her in any of these podcasts and at these various conferences.  How about it Robb?  How about if it was your wife or daughter?   Ditto to Mark Sisson.

Oh ... and speaking of breast milk illogic, Paul says the macro content of breast milk is one premise upon which PHD is based because it is of similar composition in all mammals.  And yet the diet (as in food actually consumed) of adult mammals spans the spectrum from herbivore through carnivore.  Perhaps this is more consistent with the dietary needs of infant mammals  being similar to nourish that unique phase of life.  The extreme differences between infant and adult diets within mammalian species would seem to indicate that breastmilk is irrelevant to the appropriate diet of the adult.  Just thinking.  

Meanwhile, y'all will be comforted to learn that Robb's outreach to women is to bring paleo to actual whores (dictionary definition).  You really can't make this stuff up.

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