Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zohan I

Richard Nikoley 


Just got off the phone w Sisson. He thought you might enjoy getting this.   I might go public after I see how things play out, but for now, both of us would like our names kept out of it.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Richard Nikoley
Subject: Done with Kruse
Date: May 16, 2012 10:34:00 AM PDT
To: Mark Sisson, Kurt Harris, Robb Wolf, Melissa McEwen 
Bcc: Patrick Vlaskovits
{email addies removed to protect privacy}
Mark, Kurt, Robb, Melissa (M, or K, feel free to copy to Emily, I don't have her email):

I'd appreciate keeping this between us, for now. It's not that I'm totally adverse to going public as that's kinda the way I do things, but even that post on DeVany I did way back when took weeks of deliberation. i just learned of this last evening and did my due diligence this morning.

Here's the link. I assume some of you have seen it.

While I've certainly suspected Kruse lies a lot, I did not have 1st hand knowledge, until now. I got that just now, and exercising caution because of the spoof/parody Twitter account, noticed immediately that the FB post was from "Jack Kruse" while his FB Page is "Dr. Jack Kruse" and the profile pics are different. So, given what happened before, wanted to be sure. I'm absolutely sure.

...I don't really mind hyperbole in all the stuff he does. A hyperbolic progress pic is picking the right clothes, having a tan, sucking in the gut, best lighting, etc. Posting a pic of an entirely different person is just a big fat lie. And it's a bad, stupid, easy to detect one, which makes it almost worse, in my book. I knew immediately upon seeing it that it was not Jack, nor will it ever be.

So, I did all the DD. Found he has a personal FB, same profile pic. Joined the IPMG group, scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of posts going back to a week ago, and here it is, indeed. To even take the final step, I did the reverse image search and yea, that pic has been around a long time and has been used by a lot of marketers.

Robb and I stuck our necks out for him publicly. Robb looks to have had his patience worn thin a few days ago and now mine is spent as well.

I can't tell you how many dozens of DMs I have with the guy back and forth admonishing him to tone it down, take the high road, and on and on. I thought the guy was trainable. I guess not.

I'm open to suggestions on how to proceed.


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