Sunday, March 24, 2013

Character Trumps Diversity

If you ask two men (or women) to describe themselves, the lesser of the two will cite their religion or ideology rather than their profession.  i.e.- the superior of the two will say,

"I'm a plumber"


"I'm a surgeon"


"I'm a stay at home wife."

while the inferior of the two will say,

"I'm Christian" 


"I'm a liberal"


"I'm a vegan."

The reason why one is superior to the other is that in order to be a "plumber" or a "surgeon" or a "stay at home mother" means you must do something or achieve something.  Being "Christian" or declaring yourself a "vegan" simply takes a declaration and nothing more (please do not flood me with e-mails about catechism).  And though it may seem to be a very subtle difference, it is something I immediately pick up on when meeting people for the first time.  For nearly 100% of the time when somebody defines themselves by their belief system or ideology and NOT their profession that person proves to be somebody I not only dislike, but do not trust. 

The reason why is that when somebody substitutes a belief, religion or an ideology for achievement, it is an (admittedly) unconscious admission of laziness and proof of a weak, or total absence of, character.  A person who defines themselves by merely joining a group or espousing beliefs lacks the rigor, determination, work effort and temerity to do something productive and meaningful in their lives.  However, their ego is such that it cannot stand having no prestige or respect and thus they join a "club."  Ergo why I truly believe the VAST majority of religious participants do not participate in religion for something as noble as god, as much as it is first and foremost for themselves.

However, religion aside, there is another variant of this intellectual hypocrisy and that is "diversity." 

Let us be clear what diversity is - it is nothing more than a political tool of the left.  It works by irrationally and undeservingly applying value to traits that a person was born with, and thus, had nothing to do with. 

For example, say you were born the "Triple Crown" of affirmative action - black, female, and homosexual.

You are a veritable celebrity in leftist circles.  You are fawned over, placated, kowtowed to and told how oppressed you are.  You are also told how great you are just by the fact you have the traits of being:

1.  Black
2.  Female
3.  Homosexual

and still manage to live, "courageously" in the face of evil white privilege, male, patriarchy blah blah blah.

But what did you achieve?

The answer is nothing.  You just happened to be born with the traits of being black, female and homosexual. 


Of course this isn't to say that a black woman who happens to be homosexual does not have character.  If she is a surgeon and you say, "describe yourself" and she says, "I'm a surgeon and an avid cyclist," she is placing value on her achievements and hobbies, not her ethnicity, gender and sexual preference, none of which she did anything to attain.  Unfortunately, though, the appeal of "diversity" and applying value where there is none proves too tempting to many.  One only has to look at the sea of worthless degrees and worthless college departments in "Hyphenated-American Studies."

"Women's Studies"
"Gender Studies"
"African American Studies"
"Chicano American Studies"

and the list goes on and on and on. 

Here the political tool of diversity is particularly deceitful, evil and outright bigoted.  It lies to various groups of people telling them traits they were born with somehow give them value.  It lies to those same groups of people telling them because of these traits, they are oppressed by those who do not share their traits.  It ruins the lives of these innocent people saying the ONLY way they can overcome these injustices is through the government via Democrat/Socialist/Lefitst parties (of whichever country they're in).  And worst of all, it deprives these individuals of any real individualistic achievement by brainwashing them into an crippling coma-like state of "Woe-Is-Me-ism."  In short the irony of these programs is that they claim to help these individuals, but merely serve to ruin their lives by making them veritable slaves to a political party. 

I often wonder how long it's going to be before the black community wakes up and realizes that despite 40 years of affirmative action and democrat bribery their communities are in tatters and they are still in last place sociologically speaking in the US.  I often wondering how long it's going to be before the Latino and Hispanic communities wake up and realize they're voting to turn the US into a more northern and colder version of the crappy countries they or their ancestors fled.  And I wonder how long it's going to be before women realize feminism has done nothing more than enslaved them to the rat race, replaced their would-be-husbands with a government check, and destroyed any hope for true love and happiness via a normally functioning family. 

Again, I don't care. I've checked out.  It's just a sad crying shame nobody is heeding the words of Martin Luther King, especially those he worked so hard to help.

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