Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drugs vs. Supplements II and a JimKKKins Moore Update!

Jimmy Moore was a relatively healthy, 230 lb man circa 2005-2006.  Despite his repeated lies to the contrary, he didn't just see his weight creep up a pound or two per month for 15 lb increases per year in the intervening years.  Still, whatever his path, he ended up back over 300 lbs in 2012 and went on his extreme nutritional ketosis fat fast diet.  He is now teetering at the brink of his former 230 lb goal.   Someone ought to remind him that he was a mere 3 pounds more than he weighs now in 2009, but he's clearly entered the pathological state where he believes his own lies.  He's currently on hiatus from podcasting to co-write a book with Dr. Eric Westman (who I can only think has taken leave of his senses) on cholesterol.  This would appear to be an effort on Jimmy's part to convince himself and others that his levels are peachy keen and perhaps even healthful.
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