Thursday, March 21, 2013

Andy Yang is Your Problem, Not Adria Richards

If a whiner, tattle-tale or NARC goes to the authorities and the authorities can easily identify her as a tattle tale, real leaders will dismiss the tattle tale as childish, stupid, and irrelevant.  If you're spineless and lack any kind of leadership or wisdom, you give the tattle tale power and kowtow to her demands.

The truth is, if the people at PyCon and Andy Yang had ignored Adria Richards for what she was (a NARCy little whiner) none of this would have happened and the true loser (Adria Richards) would be left to wallow in her self-absorbed pity and self-forced-perceived "injustice."

Instead, kowtowing to political correctness, affirmative action, and spineless corporate "leadership," Andy Yang fired somebody who shouldn't have been fired and tarnished the reputation of his firm Playhaven.

Now, it will be very doubtful if any male (who account for not only the numerical majority of IT talent he needs, but highly skilled talent) will work under Andy Yang. whether at Playhaven or not.  They will search his name and say,

"Oh yeah.  That guy.  The one without a spine and who will throw me under a bus for something as childish as a NARC.  No, I think I'll take my Masters in Computer Engineering elsewhere."

The good news is that this story has a happy ending.  The villain (Adria) got fired.  Her accomplice (Andy Yang) is exposed for the spineless Igor he is.  PolyCon's reputation with males is shattered and will want to seriously reconsider how much they want to open the floodgates to feminism.  And I'm pretty sure the young man who got fired will be picked up by a less-politically correct, and more profit-oriented firm.

The lesson to pull from this is for all you executives and bosses out there to not give teeth to such worthless vermin as the Adria Richards of the world by being spineless wimps and bending over backwards for faux harassment complaints.  The cost is the people who really matter - us adults who are sick and tired of walking on eggshells worrying about when the next power-tripping, egomanic, entitlement-minded brat is going to eavesdrop and file a complaint.

You want to talk about a hostile work environment?  Well then you just keep kissing the asses of the Adria Richard's of the world.

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