Monday, March 4, 2013

Express Air Medical Transport

New sponsor, lieutenants!  Express Air Medical TransportYou can visit them at the aforementioned link or their facebook page.  MOST individuals won't need these services, but if you are a hospital looking for an air ambulance service, Express Air Medical Services is the one the ole Captain recommends.  More information below for anybody interested.

Air Ambulance Medical Flights Express Air Medical Transport provides safe and economical air medical transport services for our clients. Our highly experienced, exceptionally qualified team of medical and aviation professionals set the standards for patient care and comfort

  • Express Air Medical Transport is licensed by the FAA and fully insured.

  • One call to Express Air Medical Transport takes care of all aspects of the transport, from bed to bed.

  • Express Air Medical Transport works directly with you to deliver the highest quality air medical transport available at the most cost effective pricing possible.

  • We offer a full range of services. A transport can be as simple as a medical escort for an airline flight, or as complicated as a critical care transport team. We handle them all with equal care and dedication to service.

  • We are trained and equipped to handle everything from medical escorts to neonatal patients to spinal cord injuries and sever burn patients, from domestic to international medical transport.
Please call for 24/7 service


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