Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Why Aren't You On a Date?" Linkage

It's Saturday.  What are you doing reading this blog?  Go out, get laid...or "at least die trying."

Oh well, since you insist.

College Insurrection has a nice amalgamation of further proof corporations requiring college degrees in their "entry level positions" should expect nothing but the finest whiners, complainers and spoiled brats.

This is the primary reason a disproportionately high percentage of my new readership is of minority groups - because I don't kiss their ass and I treat them like fellow adults.

The Last Christian Standing enjoys the decline!

Legendary Kotetu hits one out of the park.  It's a joke ladies!!!  not really.

From our Indian, Eskimo, Scandinavian, Canadian (not kidding) Agent in the Field.  More on this later.

What do I keep telling you people about property taxes undermining the value of American's largest asset?

I had a girlfriend once.  She had all the privileges of connected grandparents and her entire career was due to the fact her grandad was the #3 guy at a very large corporation.  I always envied how she had enough money to contribute to a 401k while I got by to pay groceries even though she was (beyond a doubt) dumber than a retarded dachshund.  Now, I couldn't be happier.

Danny explains why we love our soldiers.

Marilyn Monroe is dead, but my grandmother (of roughly her age) is still alive.  And guess who led the better and more enjoyable life!

What's more pathetic than an "aspiring rap artist?"

Answer - a white bred, nepotist son of a politician "hip hop aspiring rap artist."

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