Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Conan O'Brien is a Class Act

Long story short.  My girlfriend's brother in law has terminal cancer.  He's packing it in and enjoying the decline as much as he can.  Last year he went to New York and as chance would have it he ran into Conan O'Brien at Central Park.  As my girlfriend described it, you could tell Conan was busy, walking in a direct line and with purpose.  Not to mention he IS Conan O'Brien so he's obviously constantly harassed by fans.  I said,

"Please tell me you didn't harass the poor man."

They did.

But not only did Conan take the time out of his busy schedule to talk, he was kind enough to take a picture with her brother in law.

I'm not a big fan of celebrities as I think they're usually pretty pompous and arrogant, but wanted to point out what just what a sport, class act, and real article Conan O'Brien is.

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