Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Epitome of Intellectual Honesty

My mom does not like it when I slam on baby boomers.  She somehow thinks when I say, "baby boomers" I mean "all of them" which I don't, but again, the Leykis Clause is in effect.

However, I received hope that she is starting to discern between generalizations and specific individuals when she sent me this.

You see, the reason some of you love me, and others hate me, is because I speak my mind based on the observations I see.  I don't care whose feelings it hurts because I've suffered enough idiocy and demand to point out the purveyors of that idiocy.  One special group of people who purvey an inordinate amount of idiocy upon me and the rest of society are aging baby boomers who decide on a whim to "live their dream," and run off to buy and ride brand new, over-priced, and over-powered motorcycles with absolutely no experience.  They endanger not just me and nearly everybody else on the road, but their novice selves.

Now, it doesn't matter if you like my attitude.  It doesn't matter if you think I'm cocky.  Your driving habits were so spectacularly shitty in:

Sturgis '10
Sturgis '11
Sturgis '12
Beartooth '12
and all points inbetween for all years

that I'm strongly recommending all you novice aging boomers who think it's a "cool idea" to get a Spider, a trike, or (heaven forbid) a real motorcycle and clog up all the motorcycle rallies while you 'n "ma" ride with matching helmets, give up that idea and just leave it to the professionals.



here's another "crazy" idea-

maybe you learn to ride first before you drive (not haul) your pristine, brand new Harley's to the various motorcycle rallies thus not becoming another statistic.

Sorry to deliver real world and bad news to you.  But, then again, I'm not your parents who told you, you could do no wrong.

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