Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Check Your Nuts

Before I hear complaints, let me just quote one thing:

"Save the Boobies!"

Remember that Breast Cancer awareness campaign?

Good, now shut up and don't give me complaints about the crassness about this new testicular cancer campaign I just concocted up.

I was running, listening to Bill Burr's podcast on Lance Armstrong.  As you know, Lance had testicular cancer and was cured of it. There has since been a movement akin to the pink ribbon campaign to help prevent testicular cancer.  There was Movember I believe, but honestly, men are not going to respond to something like that.  We don't need a large, glitzy, "testicular cancer month" kind of BS to prevent testicular cancer.  We want something practical.  Something simple.  Something that doesn't force the rest of the world to wear a color nobody likes.  And somehting akin to punching a guy in his shoulder saying, "hey dumbass, go get checked and look out for cancer."

So let me introduce to you the "Check Your Nuts" campaign.

It's simple.

Testicular cancer is easily preventable, all we (men) need to do is "check our nuts" once in a while.  My doc recommended fidgeting with the boys once a month in the shower to make sure there are no bumps or irregularities.  But the problem is how often do you remember to fidget with your nuts?

Oh sure, we scratch our balls every morning, peel them off the side of our leg after playing sweaty sports.  But we don't "survey" them.

Therefore, it is an issue of remembering to do so and I think if we here in The Manosphere occasionally sign off one of our posts with "check your nuts" or sign off an e-mail with "check your nuts" it will get more and more men to check their nuts on a regular basis, thereby preventing cancer.

Therefore, not only should you guys "enjoy the decline" you should also

"check your nuts!"

This has been a PSA from Captain Capitalism.

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