Friday, February 1, 2013

Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person

Greetings all!

In line with experimenting with a podcast, a young reader and I have been doing a series of interviews titled "Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person."  Specifically, Jorge Gonzales, a young reader contacted me and wanted to share his experiences starting from high school to graduating from college to trying to find a job today.  He wanted to share his story as a means to advise and warn young people about to enter college about the risks and pitfalls he faced in the hopes others could avoid them.

The series is still being recorded, but we have the first few installments recorded.  Here is the first segment,

"The High School Vegan Kid."

(ps - if people are still having "bandwidth" problems downloading these MP3's let me know!)

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