Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Metamorphisis of a Player Changing into "The Most Interesting Man in the World"

I've said it before, but players, no matter how successful, burn out.  In part because it is no longer novel, but more so because:

1.  the pain you have to go through tolerating the immature attitudes of most girls to get dates/sex isn't worth it.
2.  the opportunity costs of your time, energy and money spent increase as you get older

In short, as a man ages he'll start pursuing loftier, grander, more intellectually stimulating pursuits instead of spending another 4 hours of his precious and finite life at yet another bar,

pursuing yet another floozy,

achieving yet the same results. 

He'll look at his nice home with the fireplace and wonder if reading a book with a snifter of scotch wouldn't be better.  He'll look at his garage and wonder if fixing up that motorcycle with his buddies while home brewing some beer wouldn't be more productive.  He'll think about starting a business in a field that is his passion so he no longer has to work. 

It's not an issue of "growing up" or "maturing" as much as it is an economic question.  Your marginal utility in getting an additional girl is not as high as the marginal utility in brewing your own beer, or taking your first trip to Sturgis, or summiting your first mountain.  And given this difference between marginal utility, men do leave the market as they age.

This is why you don't see a 40 year old at the "night club" type bars trying to pick up on 20 something chicks unless they're recently divorced.  This is why (if you're my age) you can't STAND going to a bar to "flirt" and try to "score" with a chick, and would much rather don your MP3 player and listen to Bill Burr's podcast while splitting wood.  This is (in part) why women in their 30's and 40's, freshly divorced "can't find a man" at the bar, because the man at the bar really just came there to get a drink.

However, though the tone of this post may sound somber, as the player "ages" and realizes he'd rather do other things in life, it shouldn't be.  This is nothing more than the natural progression of a player.  The good news is what comes next in the evolutionary stage of a player.  He turns into The World's Most Interesting Man. 

Conquering what most men don't (their genetic and biological programming to CONSTANTLY chase women), the player is now mentally free to focus on the rich and unlimited opportunties life presents him.  He no longer is biologically compelled to go to the bar, waste another half a day, only to score with another journalism major who writes about fashion.  He is truly a free man and can now achieve his full potential in life.  Like The Most Interesting Man in the World he will pursue whatever his id desires.

Hang gliding
Crafts and skills
Art and music

You name it.

And not only will he pursue it, but because that is what he desires, he will master it.

The irony or the funny thing is this will only make him more desirable to women.

He won't be that ripped, smooth talking 27 year old who knows just what to say.

He'll be that peppered bearded man, who pulls up in a convertible, tangos with a select few women, enjoys a cigar with his cadre of friends, and COULD ask a girl for her number, but won't because invariably women will find a way to get to know him.  Even if they don't, he doesn't care.  He's too busy learning to distill scotch and listening-up on his Johnny Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. 

So yes, while we may mourn the "death of a player," realize the player is on to bigger and better things, and the pinnacle of male achievement.

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