Friday, February 15, 2013

Persuading and Debating Leftists

Martel had a good response/post to my Liberal Zombie Apocalypse on how to engage, debate, and ultimately convert leftists.

My most successful tactic has been betting, but literally, less than 5% of the leftists

1.  honor their bet
2.  admit they were wrong despite conclusive and pre-agreed-upon proof proving them wrong

I cannot emphasize enough just how much of a mental condition most liberals have.  They are in denial.  And it REALLY has been like talking to a child at times where I say

"the sky is blue."

and their response is

"no it's not"

it's just we're looking at economic data instead of the sky.

It gets to the point debating or even trying to engage leftists is a futile endeavor, one of which not only wastes precious finite seconds of my life, but one that raises my blood pressure.  Engage, debate and try to reason with them at your own risk.

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