Friday, February 8, 2013

Jimmy Moore's latest NuttyK Update

Yep folks, more lies!   I'll send you to Facebook for this update ;-) , you'll see why in a minute.  Well Jimmy has lost a bit more weight and is now at 240.2 which puts him at the brink of seeing a 23_ on the scale any day now.  This means he's now only 10 lbs over his "goal weight" from 2004.  

However, he has lied once again to his readers when in his blog post he says 
My current weight of 240.2 is the lowest I’ve been since I started this experiment and I’m within a whisker of being back in the 230′s again…something I haven’t seen since 2006. 
Umm.  Not true.  And I'd love to hear the speculation as to why he would lie like this ... repeatedly ... about something he hasn't purged from the internet and of which there is such a clear record!  
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