Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quantum Bullshit

I don't follow Jack Kruse's antics much any more.  Every now and then, however, he comes up in a social media or email note.  He's still at it -- though there is no longer an answer at his practice phone number, so hopefully that means he's no longer actively performing neurosurgery.  From a Krusite on FB:  
Humans are designed to eat an electron dense diet because they have a shortened gut and expanded brain that steepens their energy needs and restricts their sleep needs to 7.5- 8.5 hours. This implies that humans must have evolved around a diet high in electron density from food and their environment.
It is hard to believe Jack has been talking this electron nonsense for going on two years now.  I suppose this is what happens in a community that fails to police itself when it comes to science ... but I digress.

In any case, I have apparently missed the first however many incoherences Jack has created in his EMF series but since he's still on the radar screen, I thought I'd bump this post up.

Folks, all of your food macros contain electrons.  The macros are all converted to acetyl CoA that feeds into Krebs, or they can feed in at various parts along the way and "participate" in the exact same redox reactions in your mitochondria.  The very same.  If there is anyone who has specific questions about Kruse's latest Quantum Bullshit, feel free to ask in comments, but please provide me a Readers' Digest version and/or a short quote.  I simply cannot read this man's blogs.  

Original Publish Date:  3/5/12

Being a science geek, I have no clue what the average Joe really thinks when they hear the term "quantum" thrown around.  I imagine that most folks' eyes glaze over other than to think that it must be something really complicated and all that.   And like Entropy dude's blog, one can't possibly be able to understand all those Σ's and such.  I contend that when talking human physiology and metabolism, use of the word quantum is ... well ... an alert that a load of steamin' pre-coprolites is on its way.  

This may not be the most technically accurate definition of what is meant by quantum phenomenon, but it's certainly a workable one for most people.  All atoms have electrons orbiting their nuclei and these electrons can only occupy certain orbits or energy levels.  The closer to the nucleus an electron is, the lower its energy state.  In their "ground state",  electrons will be in the lowest energy level "shells" possible, only occupying a higher level when all lower ones are filled.  Under certain conditions, electrons can be excited and they "jump" up to the next shell.  All good excitement must come to an end, and in short order the electrons fall back down to the energy level from whence they came emitting a photon.    The whole area of quantum mechanics deals with describing these phenomena.  At this level, electrons sometimes behave like particles, and sometimes like waves, and discussions of the wave-particle duality is something used to torture science students through the ages.   But the good news for you and me is that none of this matters to the basics of human metabolism.  
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