Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exacting a Toll of Revenge from Girls on the Dance Floor

AKA, the latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

This broadcast includes the Captain's adventures while his girlfriend is out of town.  The adventures include:
  • trying to find the worst block in the ghetto of Minneapolis
  • playing wingman to one of his buddies as they go to "pick up chicks" 
  • dealing with 20 something floozies at a country bar
  • why liberal arts majors are to blame for high gas prices
Apologies in advance for my coughing, I lost my voice the night before.

Update - Apparently there is a limited bandwidth at that i have already exceeded for my monthly allotment.  The only way you can listen is to listen to it online, you can't download it.  I will be changing the host to 4share unless anybody else can recommend a better location.

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