Thursday, February 28, 2013

Captain's Afternoon Linkage

I knew a guy who did this during the Dotcom days.  Would get funding from naive banks and equity investors, pay himself hundreds of thousands, buy fancy cars and talk his way out of any problems.  He never had a product. Good news is he's living with his parents-in-laws last I heard.

Wow!  Matt writes a piece that doesn't include any epitaphs, curse words and might actually be of help to people without insulting them away!  Good going Matt!

The Great Take Down of the American Female Education Bubble.

"Any degree is a good degree" says professor inexorably tied to Big Education and vampirically dependent upon naive kiddies' tuition dollars.  Let's light this one up like a bomber over Dresden circa 1944, shan't we?

I know math is tough for girls, but it must be REALLY tough for democrat women.

The fact Russell Brand even has a show is more proof the electorate is predominantly composed of morons and you should enjoy the decline instead.

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