Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Non-Profit for the Incestral Health Community!

It seems like non-profits are quickly becoming *the* way to go in the IHC.  The most ballyhooed among them is NuSI which should provide an income stream for founders Gary Taubes and Peter Attia, and some degree of gravitas to boost the waning enthusiasm over the whole carbs = insulin = obesity meme, for years to come.   There are others, like Adele Hite's low carb front supposedly out to change the national nutritional recommendations.  I have to snicker, sorry, because so long as Gatewing (Adam Kosloff --depicted here with his KKKonfederacy of Dunces benefactor) is their outreach guy, I simply cannot take such an organization seriously.  

But today I learn that Jonathan Bailor is launching his own non-profit, called Slim Is Simple (SIS) today.  There's not much there yet, as of this posting, with the exception of a logo -- portraying women through the ages, apparently -- that is nominally to highly offensive, depending on how long one scrutinizes it, and considering that Bailor is a young man who has, if anything, struggled to gain weight and eating enough.  
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