Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why They Never Lose Weight

Nobody likes fat.

Sorry, that's a truth, if you don't like it I'm sure there are some Oprah youtube videos spewing lies that will make you happy.

But if you wish to live with us in the real world, nobody likes fat.

It's disgusting.

It's unhealthy.

It damages relationships.

And it damages the host.

However, during one of my long days working by myself, allowed to ponder the meanings of life, I was trying to figure out what was the resistance to people losing weight when the solution is well known and obvious.  And I think I have figured it out via economics.

Understand when you are asking somebody to change something about them be it losing weight, giving up smoking, increasing muscle mass, etc., you are not merely asking them to hit the gym, watch the calories, or give up smoking for that month.  You are asking them to do that for the rest of their lives.

This prospect, whether consciously realized or not, is daunting to the brain because you aren't asking that person to suffer temporarily for the next month.  You are asking them to dedicate a significant amount of their time for the rest of their days towards to something that their previous behavior proved they did not enjoy.  In other words it's the equivalent to asking somebody to take on a part time job when they really don't want to. 

In this regard I feel a little for my fellow overweight people or scrawny folk because who really wants to spend more of their lives working at what is effectively a part time job they won't enjoy?  I hate lifting weights, and if it weren't for MP3 players I probably would hate running too.  The question is whether the gains from engaging in such behavior (higher social status, better looks, better pride, better/more sex, etc.) is worth the cost (mind-numbing working out, opportunity cost to time spent running, lousy food, etc. for the rest of your life) and this cannot be answered for everybody.  However, for most people, that answer is yes.

I'll say it again for the cheap seats, if I had spent a fraction of the time I spent going to night clubs and trying to chat up girls and instead just hit the gym I would have been immensely more successful in my early years.  If you set down the booze and video games so you can knock out 3 miles a day, not only will your physical looks improve, so will your health.  And ladies the fact still remains that the ONLY thing a guy can first ascertain about you is your physical beauty.  The list goes on, but unless you REALLY hate working out (and I mean hate on a level of hating hipsters and child molesters) it is in your best interests to lift weights, hit the treadmill, watch what you eat and improve your physique.

Yes, it is going to suck.  And yes, it is something you'll have to do for the rest of your life.  But it will be worth it in the end.  And besides, if you find out it isn't worth it, then you can always go back to the status quo as it is very easy to get fat.

Part time job.

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