Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Enslavement and Imprisonment of Western Children

Once again, for the cheap seats, I will make my claim that I do not hate children.  Matter of fact I will go so far to say I probably like children more than the average American or western parent in the fact I've actually taken the time to assess whether I would even make for a good father before fornicating and bringing innocent little souls into this world only to suffer under my poor and reluctant parenting.  I will even go further and claim that unlike most adults today, I have not forgotten what it was like to be a child and therefore empathize with them.

However, in being an adult I have the added benefit of hindsight and a birds-eye view.  I can look back with adult eyes and assess, analyze and view kids today as well as look at my adult peers and see how they interact with children.  And the unfortunately I've concluded our (adults') relationship with today's children is not so much of one of love, kindness and discipline, but rather one of convenience, advantage and slavery.

We literally enslave and imprison our children for our benefit.

For example, take religion.

I don't think I ever ran into one religious adult, yesteryear or today, who uses religion as an optional tool to instill virtue, morality, and discipline in a child.  A tool of which can be discarded or kept at the child's discretion when that child reaches an age of which they can determine their own religious beliefs. Instead, the majority of instances the child is used as an asset for the religion.  A borderline annuity of future collection plate donations, that is brainwashed before it is even cognizant or sentient, and then guilt-tripped into further compliance with the threat of eternal damnation and excommunication from the church.  And before you start making accusations of cynicism, ask yourself this question - have you ever seen or forced your own kid to participate in the Christmas service at church?  Forcing them to memorize hymns they don't understand and play the manger scene?

Was that for their benefit, god's benefit, or yours?

That's what I thought.

If religion doesn't convince you, just look at how we treat "having children" today.  While, yes, I will admit, there are many loving parents who truly love their children and have them for all the right reasons, sadly they account for the minority.  This is evidenced by the percent of parents who actually bring up their own children versus outsourcing it to a third party.  Be you ghetto/trailer trash, getting knocked up in your teen years and outsourcing the upbringing of your child to the state or you be uppity higher class folk who pay a nanny to take away the inconvenience of raising your own child so you can pursue your own career raise your child, let us be very clear what you are stating with your actions.  You view your child as a physical asset.  A thing to "have.  A cute little toy that you do not credit with having its own personality, intelligence, consciousness or soul.  It is no different than a luxury SUV or an accidental consequence for fornicating without protection.  Regardless of whether you are using it as a social status object or a reason to collect more in WIC/welfare, it is clear once again the child is there to serve you.  It is a slave, it is a prisoner.

Finally, if none of that convinces you (or perhaps none of it applies to you), just because the parents may not be unconsciously enslaving their children, doesn't mean the rest of society isn't.  Namely the education industry.

If there is an example of how we abuse, enslave, and take advantage of our children, the United States' (and most other western nations') educational system is it.  From the age of 5, we have our country's WORST people act like they're educating them, when in reality they are doing far worse.

At best they are baby sitting the tykes (thankfully taking those crying, liability-brats much-loved-children off of our hands, which is why very few parents ever complain).  But worse they are typically (though not always) our most incompetent and lazy citizens looking for an easy "career."  Too lazy to learn a skill or a trade, millions of worthless and lazy people declare "education" as a major not because they nobly care about the children, but like the idea of 3 months off, avoiding math at all costs, and being practically unfireable.  But the absolute worst is the brainwashing that occurs by these despicable people.  Indifferent about providing a genuine education to these children and preparing them for the real world, members of the education industry are first and foremost interested in brainwashing the little tykes into voting for future socialist causes, namely, more money for education, thereby guaranteeing their own financial futures.

However, the slavery is not merely relegated to K-12.  Not by a long shot.  There's still blood in those bodies that need to be sucked out and by god, we're going to get every drop.

First, you have every leftist, educator and teacher union thug pushing for the expansion of "pre-K-12" and "early childhood development.  Such efforts have already manifested themselves in the form of "Head Start" and the multitude of before and after school activities that are nothing more than breakfast, lunch and dinner programs.  Leftists and socialists are only more than happy to have the government take on more and more of the role of parent as it further secures future income for their racket "profession."  And lazy, pathetic-excuses-for-parents are only more than happy to have that little crying bastard their beloved child outsourced to the state.  Besides, "it's for the chilllllldrreeeeeennnnnn."  And there's no amount of other people's money and government indoctrination that's too good for them, right?

Second, it's not like the slavery ends at 18.  Not by a long shot.  Matter of fact this is when the child-enslavement kicks into high gear.  For after 13 years of indoctrination you can actually sell these young skulls full of mush on the idea of going into debt to the tune of $100,000 for worthless degrees that have no hope of ever providing a positive rate of return.  They are so deluded and misled they will actually spend anywhere from 4-8 years of their lives listening to worthless people spew worthless liberal arts and humanities, and they give these vermin their money.

Finally, as the slave starts to approach 30, and has jumped through all the hurdles, giving the adults and the education/enslavement industry the best years of their lives, $100,000 in tuition, and unwavering blind brainwashed loyalty, they finally have nothing left to give.  They have been sucked dry of all their youth, all their money, all their energy and creativity, and thusly are...

kicked to the curb.

The adults no longer have any use for them (and the real world certainly doesn't).  They have served their purpose - to entertain and support other adults.  Besides, there are always newer and younger batches of slave-children being fed into the machine.  This child-slave has nothing left to offer and is thus discarded.

Normally, this would enrage and anger most slaves.  However, there is one, final ingenious trick the slave masters played on their young victims.  They instilled in their children slaves unassailable egos.

With 13 years of K-12 brainwashing, as well as 4-8 years more in college, the education-slave industry lied to the children-slaves.  They told them "how great they were" how "intelligent they were" and how they were bound for "great things if they just followed their heart and the money would follow."  And when faced with the reality that most of them had;

1.  No skills or trades that were employable
2.  No future job prospects
3.  Trillions of dollars in student debts
4.  Just got suckered

their egos can't handle it.  Why, they're just so gosh darn intelligent!  Don't you know she has a 3.85 GPA in sociology?!  And instead of owning up to their mistakes for believing the BS the education-enslavement industry, they do what they were trained to do - lash out at the enemies of their indoctrinators.

"Evil big businesses."
"IT's the corporations MAAAAN!!!"
"It's George Bush!"
"It's white males/oppression/racism/sexism!"

So brainwashed are they, they will even continue to vote for socialist programs that mortgage their futures such as social security, national health care, medicare, etc. and some are so brainwashed, they merely double down hoping to become a slave master themselves by working for the education-enslavement industry.

Most, however, with time, will realize when they're 40, 50, even 60 that they are the ones who are to blame for believing the lies the adults told them.

But frankly, I don't care about them because by that time they are no longer children.  They're adults.

Adults who should known better.

Enjoy the decline!

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