Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Not Simon Cowell, I'm Aaron Clarey

I rarely post people's comments.  This is in large part because I am lazy and it takes effort.  However, every once in a while somebody will say something absolutely brilliant that it mandates I post it.

This is the opposite.

This is a response from (what I believe to be) a drunk 34 year old woman.  She is responding to this post from several years back (emphasis mine).  I have done a copy and paste job so you can see her post in true, unedited form.

I cannt stand guys like you. You think ur all that and she was probably interested in you because, I don't know UR ok looking and near her age?? What makes you think you deserve a model in her 20's? Who are you? Simon bleeping Cowell? Wouldn't you rather have a women who is mature and experienced and confident because she now KNOWS who she is not like some flaky college girl and since your talking about marriage is must be on your mind so a women in her 30's is looking to settle down. She and already got the partying out of her system and WANTS to get married. So go ahead and be like that. It's your loss not mine I'm 34 and there R still LOTS guys to date. I post a dating profile and get 50 responses in 20 minutes. So I KNOW I'm still wanted and by the way u know whats funny you went to all the trouble of that making that graph and I didn't even bother to read it. :) 

Normally I would dissect this, but I have a feeling this is meat too tempting to the hungry lions so I'm going to let you guys light this one up.

Have fun boys and girls!

PS - And for cripes sake, with the questioning of my looks thing again!  Can't my critics at least look me up on teh interwebs to see if I'm just an ugly, pissed off loser in his mother's basement?  Here's a picture of me teaching a salsa dance class in my "mother's basement" playing video games and watching porn because I can't find no girlz.  Cripes.

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