Monday, May 13, 2013

Stick a Toothpick in It? Taubes' 4-pronged Carb/Insulin "Fork" Loses its Tines

I'm bumping this today, because in the weeks to come I hope to update, flesh out, and reference it fully.  Looking back at something written almost 2 and a half years ago it seems rough, but nonetheless it  still summarizes what I call TWICHOO and the arguments against it pretty well.  

This post updated slightly 6/22/2012.   Original publication date 1/23/11

In the comments at Jimmy's blog on my interview podcast, several comments either directly or by inference say I failed to make my case against Taubes.  Well, I think I did pretty much get to what I consider the four prongs of Taubes carb/insulin hypothesis, but I've decided to try and summarize this in a blog post.  Another common comment is that I'm somehow nit-picking at minutia, basically if folks lose weight on low carb, it doesn't matter the details of why.  To those, if they are reading this, I would say that any objective view of my arguments would lead to the conclusion that these are NOT minor details, they are the sum total of Taubes' evidence in support of his hypothesis.  Not only has he NEVER debunked the calorie-based theories on obesity, but almost all evidence in support of his "alternate" theory HAS been.  

I will not be referencing this post, it's all been done before here, and I don't have the time to trace down every link etc.  

So, what do the four prongs of the fork stuck in the potato above represent?  
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