Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ladies Night at the Cappy Club

Come on Joanne, you know it's because they major in easier subjects.

Again, you wonder why I view the democrats with such hatred and disdain, here is your answer.

Another example of Zombie Liberals.  You suggest some rape charges are fake and trumped up, you are now "pro-rape."  There is no thought or conscience with these people. Only a political platform.

Leslie provides another great historical lesson that you either were never taught in school, of if you were, you have completely forgotten about it.

To this day, I am still befuddled why anybody or corporation donates money to universities.  Agreed, the person's original intent was not the best, but it was her money...was anyway.

March Madness!

To this day, I still am amazed how many people think I'm a eunuch and not simply a man who had a vasectomy.  Though, there seems to be a lot of confusion about this anyway.

The Abilene Paradox.  THough I am thoroughly amused and entertained when groups of people shoot themselves in the foot.

Gotta have outfits.  Life's too short not to have them.  Though I prefer the nurse theme myself, the naught librarian is always good too.

You think teen pregnancy is bad there?  Just visit Casper, Wyoming!  Regardless, is it wrong of me to enjoy the self-inflected misery teenage mothers condemn themselves to for the rest of their lives?  Good, I didn't think so either, especially since i'm paying for them.

Hey!  Why does Jen get the visit from the professional meteorologist!?  Why can't I get a visit?  Would have helped my chances with tornado chasing!

That's precisely what everybody in this society needs.  Tough talk.  Too much touchy feely worthless lies have been being spread around and pandered off as truth.

THey had a term for that back in the olden days - "stay at home parent."  It was when the parents brought up their own children instead of outsourcing it to the public schools baby sitting farm.

I have an interesting question.  Today's manly men are truly manly.  The generally hostile environment we've been brought up in AND had the intellectual audacity to question it and thus ingest the red pill, have made us more manly than average.  We don't care about people's feelings.  We don't care about political accusations or consequences.  We have no problem standing up to feminism in that we really don't care what they say.
So riddle me this riddle me that, when this generation of Manosphere men start to make decent coin and start to make their own men-only clubs, and the feminists and socialists come in and try to destroy our clubs, do you think our reaction is going to be the compliant, tail-behind the leg variety that you're used to from previous generations?  Methinks not.

Neither I, nor Kathy, nor any other real adults give a damn what kind of made-up allergies your kid has.

That's it for the ladies' night linkage.  Would be nice if the ladies showed the Captain a little love.  But, sniff, sniff, nooooobdy loves the Captain.  Poor ole Captian, nobody listens, nobody loves.  The girls are completely unaware of his existence, and if they are, they probably don't like him.  Sniff, sniff.

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